Blueprint for Success
A methodology for Interactive Patient Care to improve satisfaction and outcomes

GetWellNetwork knows that technology is most effective when it’s supported by a plan and implemented by people who know how to make it work. The Blueprint for Success methodology is the result of GetWellNetwork working with nearly 150 client hospitals and serving millions of patients each year. The Blueprint for Success is your road map to satisfying requirements and achieving desired outcomes. Working with GetWellNetwork’s experienced Interactive Patient Care team, the Blueprint for Success will help you identify the hospital’s goals and measure progress, engage hospital leadership, integrate GetWellNetwork into the care process, and empower clinicians and staff to take action – all of which is supported by world-class service.

OAP Dashboard

Outcomes Achievement Plan

GetWellNetwork will meet with hospital leadership to understand your strategic goals. The Outcomes Achievement Plan (OAP) will outline those goals and the baseline performance for patient satisfaction, quality and compliance, and ROI/operational improvements. Once goals have been defined, the GetWellNetwork system will be configured to help address them. With the OAP at the center of the Blueprint for Success, all other elements of our methodology work to support the objectives set forth by your hospital.


Implementation and Leadership Engagement

Leadership from executives to clinicians is crucial to the success of Interactive Patient Care in your hospital. GetWellNetwork will help you to engage hospital leadership that fosters rapid adoption of Interactive Patient Care initiatives and improved workflows. We will work with your executive sponsor, management and multidisciplinary teams/leaders to establish executive visibility and a unified vision throughout the organization.


Integrate Into the Care Process

Adopting a more patient-centered approach to care depends on workflows that support the new care process. GetWellNetwork experts will collaborate with your clinical, operational and technology leaders to tailor solutions that use the appropriate functionality, content and Patient Pathways™ to integrate into your care process. These solutions will compliment your existing clinical care processes, workflows and information systems. The result is a seamless and efficient workflow that promotes staff engagement.


Empower Clinicians and Staff

Clinicians and staff are empowered to take ownership of the GetWellNetwork system to engage patients in using the system, and to measure and report on performance. To make certain that everyone has a strong understanding of the GetWellNetwork system, ongoing training will be available – both onsite formal training sessions as well as printed and online training materials. The GetWellNetwork client services and support staff will team up with nurses, super users, executives, environmental services, patient/child life, information technologists, and other staff members to ensure that everyone feels confident in delivering Interactive Patient Care.


Deliver World Class Service and Support

Delivering world class service is a commitment both from GetWellNetwork staff and hospital staff alike – a commitment that supports the technology, functionality and content to drive utilization and improve outcomes for the patient and hospital.