Supporting public health with community engagement

Our solutions for state and local governments help promote public health initiatives

Improve self-monitoring for COVID-19

Community is at the heart of any effective public health initiative. We partner with state and local governments, as well as health departments, hospitals and health systems to help them connect with their communities to enhance patient engagement and protect public health — specifically helping them to encourage self-monitoring for COVID-19.

GetWellNetwork’s patient engagement solutions enable community members to self-monitor symptoms during a public health emergency and receive up-to-date resources and information that may affect their health care.

GetWell Loop supports self-monitoring for public health efforts

To manage public health initiatives, local and state governments must be able to effectively communicate and engage with the community. We work closely with public health and government leaders to implement the right solutions to encourage self monitoring and help protect the health and safety of the public.

Public health + digital health

The convergence of public health needs and the promise of digital health creates a partnership that delivers better care for individuals across the globe. Building trust in digital health could well be the final hurdle toward a positive impact on public health.

Managing tourism

A public health crisis like COVID-19 can significantly impact many aspects of government — including tourism. Innovative technologies can help keep residents and visitors safe by enabling self-monitoring for COVID-19 and recording of symptoms.

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Community engagement

With GetWell Loop, states can encourage residents and visitors to self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms and also disseminate important public health messages. GetWell Loop is one of four digital care plans that states can use to engage the public, helping to mitigate health system capacity overload.

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Self-monitoring for COVID-19 in Maine

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency and a need to better monitor the health of its residents, the state of Maine partnered with GetWellNetwork to implement our COVID-19 self-monitoring tools via our digital solution, GetWell Loop™. Using our tools, residents can self-monitor for COVID-19, report symptoms, and receive the latest COVID-19 information and best practices for staying safe. As part of this ongoing partnership, Maine has expanded use of GetWellNetwork’s tools to visitors to the state, encouraging those traveling from out of state to enroll in GetWellNetwork’s COVID-19 Self-Monitoring Loop via GetWell Loop.

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