The GetWellNetwork Advantage

A digital patient engagement experience for every step of a patient and family’s care journey

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Defining the future of digital health experiences

As the leader in patient engagement, we have helped healthcare organizations differentiate themselves in meaningful and measurable ways for more than 20 years. We offer a uniquely personal patient and family experience based upon a very straightforward operating standard: An informed, involved patient and family leads to better outcomes

With the largest portfolio of patient engagement solutions in the market, GetWellNetwork’s flexible approach to patient engagement enables organizations to tailor the method and amount of communication to each individual patient. This ensures patients feel connected, prepared, and informed at every step of their health journey.

What sets us apart

Today, our comprehensive digital patient engagement offerings provide a seamless experience for every patient and their family, personalized to their healthcare needs and reaching them across a full episode of care, as well as in between episodes.

GetWellNetwork leaves no patient behind, allowing you to reach a wider population while elevating outcomes and reducing unnecessary costs. With our current portfolio of engagement solutions, we enable organizations to provide patients with a branded, consistent, and unified digital experience that engages patients wherever they are. With GetWellNetwork, organizations can provide:

Step-by-step care journeys that drive high engagement levels and adherence to treatment plans
Augmented patient care that saves clinician time with automated tasks and escalation of patients for timely intervention and triage
Modern digital tools that are available before, during, and after a hospital stay
Virtual care support offered via videoconferencing, AI-driven real-time SMS, and asynchronous messaging
Longitudinal engagement and activation that brings patients back in network for new episodes, including personalized outreach at scale that uses AI-powered text and services
Cross-continuum communication that enables your care teams to coordinate efforts and elevate outcomes

For the patient

  • Engage with a connected and continuous digital experience
  • Receive constant support that organizes and contextualizes tasks so you can stay on track with your care plan

For the care team

  • Scale the reach of care teams
  • Manage by exception and intervene before costs and complications arise
  • Increase patient care plan adherence

For the hospital

  • Offer a consistent, consumer-grade digital experience for patients
  • Better control total cost and quality of care
  • Grow share-of-wallet by keeping patients in-network for new episodes of care

Outstanding patient engagement across care settings

GetWellNetwork offers consumer-grade, patient-centric solutions that are designed to be easy to access and use and truly helpful to the patient. Patients receive the right information at the right time wherever they are and can choose to access that information in the way that is most convenient for them. While patient portals commonly report low patient adoption rates, GetWellNetwork’s solutions consistently deliver.

GetWell Anywhere experience

We’ve brought the GetWellNetwork experience to the patient’s fingertips. By providing access to GetWellNetwork content and functionality on personal smartphones and tablets, patients can use a device with which they’re familiar to engage in their care. Allowing patients to use the device of their choice boosts engagement and utilization and supports a consistent system-wide experience. 

Industry-leading library of longitudinal digital care plans

GetWellNetwork understands you need content targeted to the unique needs of your patients. With GetWellNetwork, organizations do not have to build their own content from scratch.

Our library includes more than 230 evidence-based episodic digital care plans designed for patients undergoing procedures or dealing with chronic illness across both inpatient and ambulatory settings. Each care plan consists of education, reminders, assessments, and tasks broken down into bite-sized chunks and delivered to the patient automatically over a schedule of weeks or months.

GetWellNetwork's care plans:

Are evidence based and peer reviewed
Present information with an empathetic voice
Feature a consumer-grade user experience
Ensure patient adherence to care plans
Can be accessed on any device

Seamless integration into existing clinical and EHR workflows

GetWellNetwork recognizes the importance of allowing clinicians and patients to directly access our solutions from within the EHR and patient portal. That’s why we’re embedding our capabilities directly into these core platforms to provide clinicians with a digital framework that streamlines workflows and improves communication and care coordination. 

We’re also unifying the patient experience by embedding our solutions within EHR consumer access points. This means that patients can access GetWellNetwork capabilities within the EHR portal experiences with which they’re already familiar — meaning no extra logins to remember or websites to visit. It’s one more way we help to engage patients and families by meeting them on their terms.

Driving value beyond technology

GetWellNetwork has an experienced client success team dedicated to:

  • Managing and simplifying the adoption process
  • Tailoring technology to meet unique clinical and operational workflow needs
  • Tracking and driving utilization and outcomes
  • Increasing overall speed to value

We have prioritized and invested in executive-level talent who serve as strategic thought partners to our clients' executive teams. This ensures that GetWellNetwork’s technology and services are aligned with key client initiatives and outcomes and will drive value.


The GetWellNetwork experience

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Procedure prep

Admission and discharge

Successful recovery

 Intelligent patient activation

230+ personalized care plans
Virtual check-ins
Pre-admission optimization
Seamless surgical preparation
Two-way communication with care team
Guided education care plans
Real-time patient satisfaction feedback
Digital rounding
Automated service request triage
Patient meal ordering
Environmental controls
Remotely monitor patients / daily patient monitoring
Secure messaging
PROMs collection
Physician/facility reviews and rating
Drive new volume by re-engaging dormant populations
Activate vulnerable populations
Enroll, retain and coordinate care for health plan members
Enhance patient profiles through every interaction

Our cross-continuum platform


Personalized experiences that empower patients and enable top-of-license care

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