Consumer-centered experiences that build lifelong patient loyalty

We help healthcare organizations unlock the power of brand loyalty to drive meaningful engagement, digital activation, and retention.

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One platform. Multiple
solutions. Unmatched value.

It’s time to explore a more comprehensive approach: the Get Well 360 Platform.

Deepen patient relationships

Go beyond the office visit or care episode to reach consumers whenever, wherever, and however they like. 

Improve clinical quality

Unleash the potential of care teams to deliver exceptional care while efficiently addressing the diverse needs of the communities you serve.

Grow market share

Capitalize on the consumer tech revolution in healthcare and compete more effectively against traditional providers, intermediaries, and niche digital health tech players.

Build lifelong loyalty 

Reimagine patient experience + engagement through a consumer-centered lens to build trust and enduring relationships.

20+ years of building unmatched
credibility and trust

We’ve been working for more than 20 years with innovative organizations
around the world to touch every part of the healthcare consumer journey.

Consumer digital at the core of our team

Our team comes from digital consumer-first companies such as Marriott, Apple, and Airbnb, and leverages this experience to reimagine the healthcare consumer journey.

Comprehensive, all-in-one platform

Streamlined digital experience across the healthcare consumer journey, eliminating the need for costly point solutions.

Clinical expertise and training

We make it even easier for care teams to engage consumers in their healthcare journey, streamline their workflow, improve communication, and achieve outcomes.

See how we can help

We have a well documented track record of success in delivering consumer-centered experiences that drive results.

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Healthcare technology can help democratize access, enabling underserved populations to reach care on a level that was not previously available.

Patient Engagement

Bring Your Own Device: The Evolution of Patient Engagement

Can patients be convinced to stay in network? The answer starts with patient engagement and drills down to a seamless, accessible healthcare experience.

Digital Health Technology

How Digital Health Technology Can Help with Staffing Needs

Digital health technology can go a long way toward helping with staffing needs during difficult times like COVID-19.

I think one of the biggest things is it builds trust with our patients. They know someone is there 24/7 and they are more open to telling us information because they can send it in a message at any time. We’ve found that patients are more willing to seek care this way.

Rose Smith – Supervisor Clinical Digital Care, OSF Healthcare