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Digital patient engagement for the whole health journey

Digital patient engagement experience

Our mission is in the name: Get Well

With more than 20 years of digital patient engagement experience, Get Well leads the evolution of personalized care. By connecting the art and science of patient engagement, we provide digital technology that guides patients at every step of the healthcare journey. Get Well’s digital engagement tools connect patients to the information they need, when they need it, resulting in better outcomes and creating a more equitable healthcare system for all.

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Health Equity

What Is Health Equity and Why Does it Matter?

Healthcare technology can help democratize access, enabling underserved populations to reach care on a level that was not previously available.

Patient Engagement

Bring Your Own Device: The Evolution of Patient Engagement

Can patients be convinced to stay in network? The answer starts with patient engagement and drills down to a seamless, accessible healthcare experience.

Digital Health Technology

How Digital Health Technology Can Help with Staffing Needs

Digital health technology can go a long way toward helping with staffing needs during difficult times like COVID-19.

Technology that empowers every step of the care journey

Get Well offers personalized care to engage modern healthcare consumers at every step of their care journey. Our digital patient engagement solutions deliver the right information at the right time, with a patient’s specific needs in mind.

The Get Well experience

At home successful recovery & procedure prep

At home

Procedure prep

  • 230+ personalized care plans
  • Virtual check-ins
  • Pre-admission optimization
  • Seamless surgical preparation
  • Two-way communication with care team
In the hospital admission and discharge

In the hospital

Admission and discharge

  • Guided education care plans
  • Real-time patient satisfaction feedback
  • Digital rounding
  • Automated service request triage
  • Videoconferencing
  • Patient meal ordering
  • Environmental controls
  • Entertainment
At home successful recovery & procedure prep

At home

Successful recovery

  • Remotely monitor patients/daily patient monitoring
  • Secure messaging
  • PROMs collection
  • Physician/facility reviews and rating
Virtual care intelligent patient activation

Virtual care

Intelligent patient activation

  • Drive new volume by re-engaging dormant populations
  • Activate vulnerable populations
  • Enroll, retain, and coordinate care for health plan members
  • Enhance patient profiles through every interaction

Guide: Designing the smarter patient experience

Explore best practices for building a smart room and improving the patient experience from inpatient to post discharge.

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