Strategies for improving patient retention

Attracting and retaining today’s healthcare consumers

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Meet healthcare consumer expectations 

Today’s consumers often have extraordinarily high expectations. And every industry, from airlines to hotels to banks and more, is clamoring to meet those expectations. But when it comes to healthcare, the typical person faces friction at every turn in the experience. 

Finding a care provider, scheduling an appointment, waiting to see a doctor, paying for care, and navigating every touchpoint in between can be fraught with challenges for the consumer. Healthcare consumers are growing impatient with the hurdles they must scale to receive care. More than 80% of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience.

Address retention through digital technology

Most healthcare executives recognize that retention is a high priority. However, few have the view they need into leakage issues. With a burgeoning problem but murky insights, healthcare organizations are challenged to develop effective retention strategies.

Get Well’s digital engagement solutions help establish consumer loyalty and retention — a no regrets strategy for addressing market challenges.

Fee-for-service: Loyalty drives volumes (up)

  • Increase share of wallet by retaining patients in network and capturing downstream business
  • Combat new entrant competitors and helps maintain market share

Value-based care: Loyalty drives costs (down)

  • Improve care coordination, reduce care gaps, and mitigate unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations as a result of greater consumer engagement
  • Control costs through effective population management 

Reach more people with a mobile-first approach

With a handheld device at the ready for most people, healthcare organizations must thoughtfully consider their digital strategy, and that must consist of a mobile-first strategy to reach the broadest population. When people are able to access educational and therapeutic offerings in multiple ways, including via their own devices, this accessibility not only empowers them to be in charge of their own care, but also lifts the burden on staff to provide that same information in many different forms.


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Who’s on my care team?

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What can I watch in bed?

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Can I get help in my room?

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Can I get some

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What happens when I leave?

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