Healthcare technology solutions to support COVID-19 efforts

Ongoing management and mitigation of COVID-19 with digital care plans

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Ongoing COVID-19 support

As you continue to care for patients and staff through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Get Well’s digital technology helps mitigate care team overload through proactive communication, remote monitoring, and dynamic, responsive guidelines.

Get Well’s suite of solutions can play a critical role in scaling information sharing, guiding patients, and easing the burden for your care teams. Continuous communication and assessment of your patient population is critical for maximizing limited capacity and ensuring all people get the care they need.

We are continually updating our care plans to help keep your staff safe, prevent transmission, and keep health system resources within capacity. We can help your care teams practice at the top of their licenses by automatically identifying patients in need of intervention and helping you triage when their conditions escalate.


hospitals live


patients and healthcare employees activated


less likely to be admitted to the hospital

GetWell Loop for your COVID-19 needs

GetWell Loop is a digital care management solution that allows care teams to engage and monitor patients and their families across different episodes of care through automated virtual check-ins.

GetWell Loop enables organizations to manage the health and vaccination status of employees, enable self-monitoring, and identify patients in need of intervention.

COVID-19 Care Plans

Healthcare Employee Loop

Support healthcare employees who are self-isolating due to active symptoms or a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

COVID-19 Active Symptom or Exposure Loop (adult and pediatric versions)

Support patients with active symptoms or known exposure with up-to-date instructions for self-management, quarantine, and symptom reporting.

COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Loops

Educate the community on multi-dose requirements, encourage appointment compliance, and create awareness about anticipated side effects.

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of activated patients engage with GetWell Loop


of patients indicated that GetWell Loop helped them avoid an office visit or phone call with their provider


patient satisfaction with the GetWell Loop experience

Spotlight on LifeBridge Health

Patient engagement prioritizes health equity during COVID-19

Challenge: Quickly deploy resources to monitor COVID-19 and provide patient content focused on health equity. While focusing on disparities in healthcare, the content also needed to resonate with a variety of cultural groups and offer “whole person” well-being support to help reduce anxiety during a tumultuous time. To do this, Get Well established a COVID-19 Clinical Advisory Committee that focused on:

  • Messaging that employed plain language, with health literacy top of mind
  • Graphics and messaging that was inclusive of people from multiple cultures and backgrounds
  • Healthcare resources (hotlines, support services, community resources) based on ability to serve people of all cultures and backgrounds

Solution: LifeBridge Health leveraged GetWell Loop to extend support to patients during COVID-19 with information on:

  • Self-monitoring and symptom management how-tos
  • Safe best practices
  • Up-to-date information and resources
  • Mental health, stress management, and isolation

This would ensure all communities would receive COVID-19 messaging that was:

  • Accessible
  • Usable
  • Actionable

Result: GetWell Loop showed rapid and significant results across populations


avoided office visits or phone calls


higher engagement for Black patients


patient satisfaction

To learn more about how Get Well helped reduce office visits and drive higher patient engagement at LifeBridge Health during the COVID-19 pandemic, read the full case study.

COVID-19 vaccine support

GetWell Loop COVID-19 vaccine care plans are designed to support efficient COVID-19 distribution strategies for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.


  • Reduce anxiety vaccine hesitancy and build confidence in the vaccines by providing vaccine safety information from trusted resources
  • Educate patients on multi-dose requirements and encourage appointment compliance to ensure efficient use of vaccine and care team resources
  • Create awareness about anticipated side effects to reduce unnecessary calls to care teams
  • Gain insights into side effect prevalence and the impact on patients and care teams
  • Encourage social distancing, handwashing, and infection prevention

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