Provide clinician relief through digital technology

Empower care teams to practice at top-of-license

A workforce in crisis

Health systems are facing an unprecedented workforce crisis. Record high RN and support staff vacancies, a largely novice workforce, and a revolving door of travel talent leave care teams stretched too thin and nurses as the last line of defense. As a result, 81% of RNs report that they are exhausted and 77% feel overwhelmed. 

It has become clear that relying on highly skilled RNs to act as a stop-gap for all responsibilities — nursing and non-nursing — is a luxury that health systems can no longer afford. This strain is already causing care team frustration and greater turnover, and it is ultimately compromising patient safety as activities unfortunately start to fall through the cracks.

Overburdened staff results in greater turnover,
higher labor costs, and poorer outcomes


median bedside RN


average patient care
technician turnover


median labor expense of per adjusted discharge


increase in central line-associated bloodstream infections

“I expect myself to give a certain level of care to patients, and whenever you’re stretched too thin, you don’t have the time to do all the things you would want to do.”

Theresa Phillips, Nurse Manager, Pascagoula Hospital

What we do

Automate select care team workflows and responsibilities

Nurse manager Angie doesn’t need to worry if all patients are receiving critical safety education because it’s been automated; instead, she can focus on the wellbeing of her staff.

Provide real-time updates

Because RN Jack can already see who needs help with comprehension right in the SMART app, he can prioritize patients who have questions about their medications.

Prioritize RN time for core nursing responsibilities

The spill in room 502 isn’t something RN Sally has to worry about because a service request was sent directly to EVS; she can focus on taking vital signs without distraction instead.

How we do it

Meet care team members where they are

GetWell Inpatient seamlessly integrates into your systems and technology landscape to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency.

We meet clinicians:

In the EHR: We use SMART apps and messaging integration with Epic In Basket and Cerner Message Center to enhance clinical workflow directly from within the EHR. Further, we contextualize patient-reported insights back into the EHR, in real time, so clinicians can easily prioritize patients’ needs.

At the bedside: Through digital displays outside the patient’s door and digital whiteboards in the patient’s room, we provide real-time updates from the EHR to patients and their families and at-a-glance insights to clinicians.

During rounding: GetWell Rounds+ is a highly configurable digital rounding and survey tool that supports patient experience rounding, quality + safety audits and employee rounding. Through integration with GetWell Inpatient, users receive real-time notifications regarding the patient’s experience including outstanding requests and discharge readiness so that users can prioritize patients by need and urgency. GetWell Rounds+ now also includes virtual rounding capabilities via text message and powerful analytic dashboards that bring users the full benefit and value of collected data.

GetWell Inpatient seamlessly integrates into your systems and technology landscape to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency.

Prioritize RN time for core nursing responsibilities


annual savings for a 300-bed hospital from off-loading non-clinical tasks

Provide real-time


increase in satisfaction with care transition

Automate select care
team workflows


enhanced nursing productivity from 83,000 hours of viewed education

Ensure critical activities don’t slip through the cracks


patients completed essential safety education and hospital orientation

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