Achieving Impactful Veteran Care Outcomes through People, Process, and Technology

Karl Morneau, VP, Government Client Success

Get Well proudly aligns with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA), demonstrating unwavering dedication to our nation’s veterans. Through the integration of Get Well’s patient engagement technologies and our collaboration with 72 VHA healthcare facilities nationwide, we have significantly enhanced veteran satisfaction, streamlined workflow efficiency, and elevated clinical outcomes. Additionally, in 2023, the nationwide Medicare survey found that veterans rated VA hospitals higher than private health care facilities in the key areas of patient satisfaction.

When we double-click in the success factors of such strong sentiment towards veteran-focused care, Get Well focused on these patient engagement initiatives to drive these outcomes:

  • Securing a VHA Authority to Operate (ATO) marks a pivotal achievement towards obtaining full FedRamp authority, allowing us to deliver cloud-based digital cross-continuum care.
  • Our bi-directional interface with the VHA Electronic Health Record (VISTA/CPRS) not only facilitates personalized patient education but also alleviates the burden on clinicians.
  • Real-time collection of veteran feedback enables prompt service recovery by directing issues to the appropriate service line.
  • Access to over 300 automated clinical workflows engages patients before and after procedures, reducing surgery cancellations and unplanned readmissions.

With over 8 million veteran engagements to date, Get Well continues to deliver tangible value to veterans and care teams alike. Get Well Inpatient is dedicated to enhancing performance in three key areas: improving veteran satisfaction, impacting the Survey of Hospital Experience of Patients (SHEP), Enhancing Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning (SAIL), and boosting workflow efficiency through digital tool integration into the care process.

The impact of Get Well’s solutions across the Veteran Integrated Service Networks (VISN) is evident in 2023 outcomes, enhancing the overall care journey:

Veteran Satisfaction: Survey of Healthcare Experience of Patients (SHEP) Improvement

  • 22% increase in staff responsiveness at a Southwest based VAMC during Q1-Q3 of 2023
  • 14% increase in overall rating at an Midwest based VAMC throughout 2023
  • 11% increase in satisfaction with care transition at Northeast based VAHCS throughout 2023

Quality and Safety: Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning (SAIL)  Improvement

  • 68% decrease in hospital-acquired infections at a Southeast based VAMC throughout 2023
  • 39% decrease in observed minus expected length of stay at a Northeast based VACHS throughout 2023
  • 21% decrease in all cause 30-day readmissions at an Midwest based VAMC throughout 2023

Workflow Efficiency: SHEP and SAIL Performance

  • 20% decrease in hospital-wide 30-day readmission rate at a Southeast based VAMC throughout 2023
  • 20% decrease in CHF readmission rate at a West Coast based VAMC throughout 2023
  • 16% increase in satisfaction with room cleanliness at a Southeast based VAMC throughout 2023

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Get Well and our VHA partners are poised for an exciting journey. Leveraging our FedRamp authority and transitioning partners to our cloud-based authorized solution, we anticipate unlocking the full potential of digital cross-continuum care. To learn more about Get Well, visit our website to learn more about Get Well Anywhere for federal customers and schedule a demo today.