Female doctor engages with female patient

4 Ways Practices Can Inspire Patient Loyalty

As technology advances in other industries, consumers expect to see the same in healthcare. This is particularly true when it comes to increased convenience.

Female nurse using a tablet

Effective Rounding Contributes to a Culture of High Reliability

Hospitals recognized nationally for patient safety and quality are focusing on making substantial improvements to ensure more consistent and reliable processes are in place to deliver high-quality healthcare to every patient, every time.

The Hidden Actors in Hospital Readmissions

When a patient is discharged from the hospital, being readmitted is just about the last thing he or she wants. Not only does a readmission carry with it implicit medical stressors, but there are a multitude of family, community, social, economic and quality-of-life implications. While some readmissions can neither be anticipated nor prevented, readmissions that

Michael O'Neil talks about precision engagement

Introducing Precision Engagement to Healthcare

At the age of 28, my life changed forever the minute I was told, “You have cancer.” After four cycles of chemotherapy to treat non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I was one of the fortunate ones to go into remission.

How Patient Engagement Can Help Alleviate Physician Burnout

Digital engagement solutions have been helping providers boost patient experience, improve the health of populations and lower the cost of delivering care — the Triple Aim for optimizing health system performance as outlined by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Taking Anxiety Out of the Physician-Patient Dialogue

One of the most overlooked aspects of medical episodes and surgical recoveries is the anxiety felt by the patient. Is that shooting pain part of the healing process, or is something wrong? Am I supposed to still be bruised and swollen three days later? Am I on track, or should I be doing something about