Stay Vigilant Self Check-in Tool

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When a public health crisis and a social movement collide, staying vigilant about your health becomes an essential part of your activism.

As people take to city streets to demand justice, the increased likelihood of exposure to COVID-19 is adding a layer of complexity to the fight for equality. The easy-to-use GetWell Loop™ Stay Vigilant Self Check-in Tool helps keep you, your family and your community safe with daily reminders to monitor your health.

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The free, web-based app was created for those attending or participating in mass gatherings and demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Densely populated crowds talking loudly and shouting for justice can create an optimal environment for spreading infectious aerosolized droplets.

If you’ve been in a high-risk environment, activate the program to monitor symptoms during the five-day virus incubation period following potential exposure.


GetWell Loop_Stay Vigilant Self Check-in Tool

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Whole-person care

Access clinically reviewed, curated content that addresses physical safety, mental health and overall well-being.

Relevant information

Counteract misinformation and provide reassurance through trusted resources — many created by and for the Black community.

Actionable guidance

Receive timely tips and recommendations on what to do and who to contact if symptoms develop.

Getting started

GetWell Loop is a web-based tool that can be accessed through a computer or smartphone.

You can also download the GetWell Loop app (optional) for iOS and Android.

Visit to sign up.

Look for an email or text with a link and instructions for activating the five-day plan. It may take up to five minutes to receive the activation email.

You will receive automated daily emails or a text letting you know when there is new information to review or a new check-in to complete.

Click on the link provided, and use your username and password to login. Then follow the prompts to complete your daily check-in.