Healthcare workers serve on the front lines every day, in ways both big and small.

Thank you so much to all the UPMC workers putting their own lives second to their patients’. This isn’t just a job – it’s a sacrifice and an act of heroism. Thank you!

Ellie, PA

To all the nurses out there — You are the true heroes! Working long shifts in the front lines while facing the physical and mental challenges during this tragic pandemic. And the personal Sacrifices you are making to be present and provide the best care to your patients, thank you!

Jill, MD

To our leadership, frontline clinicians, providers, dietary, EVS, Security, Patient Relations, Patient Access, Lab, Team Health, Respiratory, Therapists, and everyone for the extraordinary efforts every single day! You are so valued!

Angela, MD

I wanna thank you for caring for my son. You are a fantastic nurse! You keep us informed about everything and we really appreciate everything you are doing for our baby boy

Faith, TX

I just want to say thank you so much to the Doctors and the nurses, because they are doing a great good and don’t give up.

Veronica, NY

Thank you to all the ER Nurses who took care of me! You rock! Thank you for your care & compassion! Thank you for being on the front lines during these difficult times!

Delores, WA

While I no longer provide bedside care, my heart is with my friends and prior colleagues: physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, health techs, housekeeping, etc. who are working in the inpatient setting during such a critical time. In the face of crisis, they show such immense courage, compassion, strength, and dedication. They are my heroes.

Jocelyn, AZ

I’m so very thankful to my sister-in-law and my many nurse and physician friends who are on the front lines helping patients and families during this difficult time. You are appreciated and loved.

Lea, MD

Thank you to all the frontline workers for sacrificing so much to keep the rest of us safe!

Julia, VA

Aimee Hurff, Sending a special thank you to all of my nursing colleagues on the front line caring for patients, especially my sister, Aimee.

Kimberly, NJ

Thank you to all the healthcare workers that are sacrificing their lives to save so many. You all are truly heroes! Your commitment and bravery to fighting this pandemic is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all the work you have done.

Morgan, MD

Froedtert + MCW Natalie + Caitlyn For our telehealth COVID team working around the clock making sure our patients are safe. They really got the COVID GetWell Loop up and running quickly. I am proud to be a part of the team.

Tracy, WI

Thank you for the dedication and professionalism you have demonstrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Your efforts to keep us safe and healthy are greatly appreciated.

Kathy, MD

I personally would like to show my appreciation and gratitude to the selfless health care workers here and all over the country. Each and every day they put themselves on the line to care for us and our families. This pandemic is scary but knowing there are the strong and courageous among us, willing to take on these challenges, is a source of great comfort. Thank you!

Dorry, MD

To doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff thank you for all you do during this national emergency. It must be difficult to be away from your family and risking your own health to help others. During the last week I have been to a hospital for another reason and witnessed all the additional precautions you take to keep everyone safe

Dennis, MD

Big thanks to all our healthcare warriors across the county and special thanks to Vanderbilt and St. Thomas for keeping Nashville safe!

Chad, TN

I am so grateful for all of the nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, imaging specialists, dietary personnel, EVS experts, patient transporters, and all of the other healthcare workers risking their health and safety each day to take care of those who need it most right now. You all are so very special and it is an honor to support you during this time. Please be safe and be well.

Randi, SC

I would like to express my gratitude and humbly thank you for all that you do and are as beautiful selfless people, our real life Superheroes’. Your willingness to help wherever there is a need is greatly appreciated. It’s that kind of bravery and dedication that will help this country and it’s people get back to their full potential again. You offer all of yourselves and more to provide comfort, love, and sanity to all those lives you have touched.

Joseph, AZ

We’re lucky to have such caring and empathetic Human Beings with your experience to guide us through the difficulties we are facing. You are a rare kind of generous. The gift of your support, soul, and lives in far too many cases means more than anything money can buy. You have given us all the gift of hope and life in a difficult time

Joseph, AZ

Thank you just doesn’t feel adequate enough to the bravery, courage, tenacity, and compassion you each show up with day to day to serve and care for your patients….well done, we’re sending you love and prayers for continued strength and wisdom!

Natalie, SC

Dr. Pete Deol, Surgeon

Thanks for the good bunion surgery care…getting back to walking!

Mary, CO

To the 250,000+ doctors and nurses throughout our GetWellNetwork community. We are so grateful for your courage and compassion, and your commitment to delivering the very best patient care at the most critical time.

Michael, MD

Marcus, Thomas, Heather
Thanks for all you are doing to keep our community safe from the Boudreau family.

Bryan, FL

Thank you to the doctors, nurses and front line employees for your tireless dedication and commitment to our fight against COVID19. We truly cannot thank you enough for your heroism and keeping us safe.

William, MD

Thank you so much for all the hard work and sacrifice that all the healthcare workers have put in during this unprecedented crisis. Your commitment and compassion is truly inspiring!

Bill, MI

Thank you to all the amazing, loving and most caring healthcare workers and individuals that are putting patients and our community first ~ you are selfless true heroes. Thank you for taking care of all of us, now and always.

Blythe, FL

A very sincere thank you to the doctors and nurses on the frontline who already make a difference every day in the care for those who need it most. Now more than ever, thank you for your selfless commitment to others.

Meagan, CA