Exploring Patient Education & Get Well’s AVIA Recognition

By Nichole Cheatum

AVIA Marketplace, the nation’s leading digital transformation partner for healthcare organizations, has named Get Well as a patient education leader in the annual Top Patient Education Companies Report. In this chart released as part of the report, Get Well soars above the competition as a patient education trailblazer & high performer.

Given growing patient expectations of care and increased care team demands, healthcare systems are looking to evolve their patient education approach. They aim to move away from point solutions into consumer-focused digital platforms that drive growth. When selecting a digital healthcare vendor, health leaders may consider the following key questions:

  • What is patient education? 
  • Why does patient education matter?
  • How can I activate it within my organization?
  • How can I measure patient education to drive the success of my health system?

What is patient education?

AVIA defines patient education as the ability to supply tailored health education content to the patient throughout the entire care continuum. This implies that any time a patient interacts with a healthcare organization, there is an opportunity to offer valuable patient education. 

Why does patient education matter?

When implemented thoughtfully, patient education improves clinical outcomes for patients, reduces the cost of care, boosts care plan adherence, and ultimately builds lifelong patient loyalty. Patient education plays a pivotal role in promoting health equity by addressing the unique and personalized needs of each patient. Many patients face real barriers, such as language or cultural differences, that hinder their understanding of their care. Additionally, some patients may have complex diagnoses that require extensive home care.  Effective patient education ensures that information is accessible and comprehensible, enabling patients to actively participate in their own care and experience improved clinical outcomes.

Delivering high-quality patient education is no easy feat, as it requires individualized care that can pose a challenge for already overwhelmed healthcare providers striving to engage with their patients. 

How does Get Well educate patients across all care continuum settings?

Get Well 360 is the next generation consumer digital platform that seamlessly blends technology and human connection to revolutionize patient education. Our platform offers patient materials that are easy to comprehend, guided and personalized care journeys, and multimodal interfaces. These tools connect patients to the information they need, when they need it, providing scalable operational efficiencies to healthcare providers and payers. 

Healthcare organizations worldwide have chosen Get Well as their trusted partner to drive their patient education strategies, and the results speak for themselves.  For example, one health system saw a 10% reduction in readmissions among high-risk patients, thanks to the comprehensive inpatient and post-discharge information they received.   

Receiving recognition from AVIA is a testament to the longstanding commitment of Get Well towards healthcare consumerism. For over two decades, we have dedicated ourselves to this mission, and we are grateful for this acknowledgement.Thank you, AVIA! 

Are you a healthcare leader seeking to unlock the power of consumer digital engagement to educate your patients? Schedule a Get Well demo today.

Read the full AVIA report here.


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