Engaging and Empowering Our Nation’s Heroes

Clinicians in VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) across the nation are using GetWellNetwork’s patient-centered platform to empower Veterans to participate in their healthcare journey, which ultimately, leads to better outcomes.

Could Amazon Run Urgent Care?

Who might Amazon acquire next? Numerous media outlets have speculated on the e-commerce giant’s potential takeover targets. This had me wondering: What would Amazon do differently if they took over the Urgent Care industry?

Let’s Get Real About ‘Consumerizing’ Healthcare

There is a lot of conversation today about the rise of the consumer as a newly empowered stakeholder in the country’s healthcare system. I’m all for it. But before we further discuss the consumerization of healthcare, there are a few things we should be clear about.

The Value of Online Reviews in Healthcare

When patients began reviewing their providers online the way they review restaurants and hotels, many worried that unfiltered comments from the public would have an unhealthy effect on the delivery of medical care. After all, the delivery of care is not at all like the delivery of pizza. In the consumer world, the mantra that

When Communication Breakdown Hurts Patients and Providers

I have spent much of my career helping create new software for the healthcare industry. There are plenty of inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, and technology can help address these by enabling better communication between physicians and administrators.

With Patient Engagement, Start out on the Right Foot

Until recently, patients have faced significant challenges when engaging with their providers outside of in-person visits or hospital stays. Regular, daily dialogue between patient and provider was cumbersome and inconsistent for both parties.