Scalable, personalized patient engagement solutions to enable top-of-license care

Why GetWell Inpatient

GetWell Inpatient is the industry’s leading device-agnostic patient engagement software solution for hospitals. Our dynamic, omni-channel solution proactively delivers the right information at the right time to patients, empowering them to self-manage and equipping staff with the insights needed to deliver excellent service and higher quality care. Whether you’re seeking to lower readmissions, reduce length of stay, prevent falls, improve patient satisfaction, or provide a more robust patient entertainment system, GetWell Inpatient delivers.

  • Empower patients and families to be active participants in their care
  • Proactively guide patients through personalized pathways
  • Allow patients to order meals and control their environment
  • Capture patient satisfaction and needs in real time
  • Automate routine tasks and documentation for staff
  • Offload non-clinical tasks
  • Prepare patients for successful discharge
  • Engage patients through any modality

Patient-friendly access options​

Honor patient access preferences and needs through flexible modality options — offer GetWell Inpatient’s functionalities on a wide range of devices including a smart TV, enterprise iPad, or on a patient’s personal smart device. This allows organizations to provide care to patients in a way that feels comfortable and familiar.

Allowing patients to engage on the device of their choice boosts engagement and utilization and supports a consistent system-wide experience. Different facilities may choose to deploy different modalities based on their needs without sacrificing functionality.

Select the combination of modalities that works best for your organization, enabling you to:
  • Deploy the modalities that make sense for patient need and context
  • Engage everyone in the room, including parents, families, and friends
  • Maintain a consistent experience across facilities

Care Plans for successful care plan compliance

Rather than asking patients to search for information on their own, Get Well’s proprietary workflow engine delivers automated care plans to patients. Built on Get Well’s proprietary workflow engine,  these care plans engage patients to complete education or actions to drive greater care plan compliance. 

Personalized care plans help patients understand their condition, learn about medications, assess pain, prepare for discharge, and successfully recover at home. Care plans trigger, automate, and standardize clinical processes to improve workflow efficiency and drive quality, safety, and service outcomes.

“Smart” technology in service of the patient

Beyond providing solutions to educate and engage patients, GetWell Inpatient brings a range of connected services to the patient through integrations with other IT systems including:

Empower patients with convenience and control

  • Patient meal ordering
  • Environmental controls
  • Personalized education
  • Meds-to-beds support
  • Voice controls (beta)

Extend care team with virtual care

  • Voice-enabled assistants (beta)
  • Video conferencing

Provide smart communications tools for clinicians

  • Point-of-entry alerts (GetWell Signal)
  • Whiteboard
  • Digital rounding (GetWell Rounds+)
  • Real-time staff location and presence (RTLS)

Cultivate downstream affinity

  • Cross-sell services
  • Post-discharge support
  • Capture positive reviews