A better experience for patients and clinicians

Why GetWell Inpatient

You shouldn’t have to choose between meeting evolving expectations of today’s patients and families and supporting your clinicians. We’ve designed a digital patient engagement solution for hospitals that does both. 

GetWell Inpatient is a consumer-centric and mobile-first solution that empowers patients through the same technology that relieves clinicians. Through a single solution, you can maximize patient reach and engagement and give your clinicians back the time they need to focus on clinical care.

Distraction & RelaxationClinical UpdatesRoom Controls

TV, Movies, Games, Videos, Internet Services

Priority Notifications & Alerts, Whiteboard & Health Tickers, RTLS & Clinician Presence

Lights, Shades, Temperature, Phones, TV Remote

Patient EducationPatient RequestsPatient Services

Mandatory Education, Assigned Education, Teaching Moments, Discharge Readiness

Patient Communications, Non-Clinical Tasks,
Service Recovery

Meal Ordering, Prescriptions, Retail, Chaplain

Integrated HealthClinical ProgramsNursing Recognition

Videoconferencing, Virtual Visitation, Virtual Observation

Rounding, Patient Satisfaction & Experiencing, Priority Issues

Patient Feedback, DAISY Nomination

The experience patients expect

GetWell Inpatient maximizes patient reach and engagement and promotes patient self-service. Here’s how: 

Patient-centric approach

GetWell Inpatient’s intuitive, user-friendly experiences makes it easy for patients to do what they want to do (order food, watch a movie, send a request) and motivates patients to take action on tasks the care team needs them to do, like view health education or respond to discharge questions. 

Modern and intuitive design 

GetWell Inpatient mirrors the digital experiences that patients use and expect outside of the hospital setting. It’s familiar and encourages engagement.

Omnichannel and multimodal 

Engagement with GetWell Inpatient takes place across different devices and channels. The TV may be suitable for videoconferencing or watching a movie. But mobile devices are best for meal ordering, service requests, and texting with the care team.

“I love the high technology that they use that other hospitals don’t have so it’s a big plus. Especially the Get Well mobile app. There is so much information on a lot of medical, hospital, medications, your health and other important questions we may have.”

A patient using GetWell Inpatient

The solutions your clinicians need

Supporting care teams

The investments GetWell Inpatient has made to promote and raise the level of patient engagement — and patient self-service as a result — helps relieve clinicians of ancillary nursing responsibilities and provides care teams with the real-time insights they need from patients to better care for them. Further, GetWell Inpatient automates key workflows for the care team, helping to ensure that core responsibilities do not fall through the cracks. 

Meeting care teams where they are

GetWell Inpatient offers a wealth of seamless interoperability, including more than 500 integrations with Cerner and 600 integrations with Epic, helping you to meet clinicians where they are. In addition to SMART apps and messaging integration with Epic In Basket and Cerner Message Center, GetWell Inpatient has hundreds of integrations across medication teaching, whiteboard, meal ordering, and patient portal solutions. 

“The product provides education for the patients, so we don’t have to wheel the TV in to show the videos anymore; we can send the [Education] videos to the patients. We go into our EMR and assign the videos, and then the patients can go in and watch them. The product makes a note in the EMR when the patients are done watching.”

Manager, client site

Better for patients. Better for care teams. Better for business.


patients “extremely likely” to recommend


enhanced nursing productivity


annual savings for 300-bed hospital

Consumer-oriented. Clinician-backed.
Clinically-integrated. Leading health system approved.


provider customers


hospital beds




patients served annually

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