Increase scale with a health plan member engagement platform to drive engagement, growth, and outcomes

Using digital navigation to improve the member experience, scale care management teams, and better the overall health of your member population

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Market-leading digital member engagement 

Cost-effectively engaging, screening, and navigating members is a top priority for health plans and capitated providers. But many organizations continue to use inefficient, expensive, and outdated strategies to engage members in their health journeys. Inaccurate population information results in poor health outcomes and high medical loss ratios.  

Get Well’s market-leading digital member engagement solution improves consumer health outcomes and provides scalable operational efficiencies to payers and other risk-bearing entities. 

Cost-effectively scale and rapidly adjust member engagement to drive improvements in key metrics, including annual wellness visit completions, HEDIS® scores, CAHPS, Star ratings, and social determinants of health (SDOH) screening and support.

Proven results at scale


increase in member retention


increase in PCP visits


increase in activation with digital programs


improved member to clinician ratio

Build and maintain lifelong relationships through digital member engagement

AI-texting and digital tools to engage all members

Longitudinally engage across the population with personalized messages to activate members in their care, screen for health risks, collect SDOH, close gaps and foster plan loyalty.

Digitally navigate members through high-cost health episodes

Reduce the response burden for providers and other care management teams with digital navigation across 250+ care plans.

Scale existing care teams with tailored care coordination platform and outsources services

Prioritize and coordinate member messages within existing workflows. Care navigators guide rising risk members to clinical teams and preferred digital or human-to-human services.

How it works

Reach members at scale

  • Optimize customer resources
  • Exponentially increase member outreach capabilities
  • Enhance member enrollment and onboarding experiences
  • Automatically route member to care management programs

Care gap closure

  • Activate dormant member in-network wellness visits
  • Ensure accurate risk score documentation
  • Address gaps in care
  • Reduce adverse event risk
  • Manage MLR
  • Increase HEIDIS® scores

Reduce costs

Effectively manage:

  • General discharge
  • Transitional care management
  • Bundled payments
  • Newly diagnosed chronic illness
  • Procedural follow ups

Drive growth and loyalty

  • Prevent network leakage
  • Ensure members receive care within a payer’s contracted network
  • Improve ED discharge to PCP navigation
  • Enhance annual wellness visit retention
  • Drive utilization of existing programs and services
  • Establish AI appointment confirmations

Programs for underserved populations

  • Provide community-based resources and culturally-responsive screening
  • Collect pre-appointment SDOH collection
  • Provide resource referrals
  • Conduct behavioral health screening and referrals
  • Launch community-based health hubs
  • Build health equity initiatives

Digitally manage high cost conditions

Comprehensive solution to guide high-cost complex medical episodes:

  • COPD
  • CHF
  • Diabetes
  • ED discharge
  • Hypertension
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiovascular
  • Maternity
  • Oncology
  • +250 more!

Who we help

Medicare Advantage health plans

  • Increase AWV completion rates and improve risk score accuracy documentation
  • Provide year-round member engagement
  • Help members better manage acute or chronic health conditions

Medicaid managed care organizations

  • Engage at-risk members and prevent costly health challenges
  • Identify barriers created by SDOH 
  • Guide members to the right care
  • Improve health equity and access
  • Medicaid eligibility redetermination

Commercial health plans

  • Educate and enroll members into appropriate benefits
  • Assist members with pre- and post-acute care
  • Offer chronic condition management journeys and promote health equity

How we help

Critical behavioral health and SDOH challenges for underserved populations — challenged that were spotlighted by COVID-19 — make cost effectively scaling member engagement difficult. Competition within the member services ecosystem — digital, virtual, inpatient, and ambulatory — is also increasing, making it difficult for health plans to stand out to existing and potential members.

Get Well can help organizations address today’s unique challenges and ensure improved outcomes for all.

Success stories

Adventist Health

Get Well is tapped to help execute Adventist Health’s 2030 plan, including improving performance in population health, HEDIS® measures, and overall value-based care contract performance. Enterprise goals include: 

  • Reaching more than 10 million individuals annually
  • Reducing healthcare costs by 30% and accelerating the closure of all care gaps
  • Elevating digital interactions to at least 50% of all consumer engagements

Anthem worked with Get Well to help reduce potentially avoidable 90-day postdischarge costs, hospital admissions, and a composite of complications for patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplasty. The result:

  • Episodic cases cost $656 less per patient
  • 54.5% relative reduction in medical complications
  • 45.6% relative reduction in readmissions

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