Let’s Get Well, Together

People — the clinicians, staff, patients, and their families — are the heartbeat of healthcare. They’re aching to be seen, heard and understood, no matter their role. They want to know that their needs matter — and they do.

The past few years have been challenging for everyone. It’s been scary and hard to be a patient, and it’s been just as difficult to be a clinician. The pandemic tested the bounds of our healthcare system. 

But there’s promising news: the COVID-19 pandemic spurred healthcare players — from health system leaders to government officials to consultants and suppliers — to ramp up efforts to support clinicians and staff in the same way they’ve invested for years in centering on patients. Now, it’s time to bring those efforts together.

More than 20 years ago, Get Well helped define the patient engagement industry. But enhancing the patient experience looks different these days. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare atmosphere, improving the patient experience is about meeting the needs of both patients and clinicians. One doesn’t work without the other. And, the transformative leverage point comes with the realization of the inextricable link between patient and clinician engagement, experience and outcomes. 

We understand both these needs — and we’re here to help. Today, I’m excited to introduce a new era of engagement, as we relaunch our flagship GetWell Inpatient as a consumer-forward solution. Across the next 6 months, we’ll be releasing enhancements that:

  • Makes it easier for patients and families to engage with a brand new UI. We partnered with a top design firm to completely transform our user interface into a modern and intuitive experience, inspired by their work with consumer-focused companies like Apple and Airbnb. 
  • Reaches more patients through mobile-first solutions. Our mobile experience not only allows patients and families to make requests and order meals from their own mobile device but automatically “checks in” with patients via text to capture social determinants of care, gauge their experience, or deliver education during their hospital stay and when they go home. 
  • Provides relief for the care team by automating workflows and communications with patients and their family.
  • Meets clinicians in the EHR via SMART app and native messaging. Clinicians can now order education and view real-time patient insights directly in the EHR via SMART app and receive notifications through Epic’s In Basket and Cerner’s Message Center.

We believe that these investments create a win-win for patients and clinicians because the more patients who engage with the solution, the more relief we create for clinicians. 

We’ll share more in the coming months as we roll out Get Well’s reimagined take on the patient experience, but for now, I want to say how proud I am to be part of a team that doesn’t stop dreaming. We don’t stop pushing for better; we don’t stop asking how we can make a difference. We’re applying thoughtfulness up front for a truly tangible impact.  

Today’s world is moving fast, but here at Get Well we’re moving right along with it. And through it all, we share one common goal in mind with our clients and our communities: 

Let’s get well — together

Best is ahead,

Michael O’Neil
Founder and CEO