Let's Get Well Together

What patients want.

What the care team needs.

What if the same technology that empowers patients and families could also relieve clinicians?

Let’s Get Well, together

Win for patients,
win for clinicians

People have long been able to bank, shop, book travel, and much more with the click of a button or a swipe of a finger. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this expectation, and patients seek the same experience in healthcare.

Nurses, who have historically served as a catch-all for everything from meal ordering to patient education to — of course — clinical care, are increasingly working in environments that are chronically understaffed and being stretched too thin.

What if we told you that you don’t have to compromise — that there’s a solution that meets the needs of patients and clinicians?

Welcome to the new GetWell Inpatient.

Better for patients. Better for clinicians. Better for business.


patients “extremely likely” to recommend


enhanced nursing productivity


annual savings for 300-bed hospital

Maximizing reach and engagement

We’re delivering a new digital patient experience, inspired by market-leading consumer apps — designed with and for patients. Working with the best of the best in the industry — who drew from their experience teaming with companies like Apple and Airbnb — we’ve created an experience that engages patients more meaningfully, relieves clinicians, and brings patients and clinicians together to improve communication and elevate the care experience for both. 

Relieving clinicians

Our goal is to make receiving and providing care easier for patients and the people who care about them. By automating updates and communication between patients and clinicians, we keep patients and their caretakers informed and contextualize real-time insights for clinicians — in the EHR, where clinicians spend much of their time. GetWell Inpatient seamlessly integrates into your system, meeting clinicians where they are through the use of SMART apps and messaging integration with Epic In Basket and Cerner Message Center.

“GetWell Inpatient [provides] consistent patient education. The system has standardized videos, so we don’t have to rely on our staff members to teach us things in different ways. The system’s integration with our EHR has been a game changer for us.”

CEO/President, August 2022

Future-proofing IT

CIOs and CTOs of modern health systems demand information technology (IT) solutions that integrate quickly and easily with other enterprise systems, that can scale up rapidly, and that — above all — provide for robust data security. Get Well is a proven partner for delivering on these priorities. Here’s how:

  • GetWell Inpatient is rich in API support, ranging from classic HL7 to modern web APIs and FHIR. Our integration capability is unmatched across patient engagement systems.
  • GetWell Inpatient supports deployment via the AWS cloud, with rapid scaling of high-availability server capacity for growing organizations.
  • GetWell Inpatient meets the highest security requirements for FedRamp, HiTrust, and SOC2 Type 2 certification.

Then and now

For more than 20 years, GetWell Inpatient has helped patients participate more actively in their care. We’ve served as the connective tissue between patients and clinicians, streamlining collaboration between the two and reducing friction. Designed to improve outcomes and reduce costs, GetWell Inpatient has evolved as consumer expectations for digital experiences have changed.

We’ve always led from the front — and now we’re taking it to the next level. We’ve made significant investments to develop a modern and intuitive digital patient experience that maximizes reach and engagement. We deliver an elevated, mobile-first, consumer-oriented experience that facilitates meaningful communication and tightens the relationship between patient and clinician. 

Let’s Get Well together. 

“Get Well has understood that the world is changing. I think that Get Well’s vision is to put the patient at the center of things.”

CIO, August 2022

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