Proudly serving our military and VA populations

Our VA patient engagement software transforms veteran care delivery and enhances Whole Health initiatives

Improving care delivery for our nation's heroes

We share the commitment of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to members of our armed forces — past and present. Our advanced solutions empower the VA to easily shift from “sick care” to “Whole Health” by modernizing medicine with personalized, proactive, and patient-driven care. Working together, we engage and inspire Veterans to their highest possible level of health and well-being.

Like all of us, Veterans are always on the go

Whether they’re at a hospital, clinic, or at home, we can meet their needs. VA Medical Centers nationwide use our Interactive Care Model and GetWellNetwork solutions, including Patient Pathways™, to deliver better care access, quality, and safety. Our VA patient engagement software helps to ensure all Veterans experience the care they deserve — anywhere, any time.


Wherever Veterans are, we’re there to help

We work closely with the Office of Patient Centered Care to develop content, applications, and patient pathways that integrate Whole Health initiatives throughout the Veteran health journey. What does this mean for Veterans?

Middle-aged man measures his blood pressure in front of virtual doctor. In the meantime, telemedicine physician is carefully looking at his brain x ray picture in the monitor. Horizontal shot


Thanks to an integration with Pexip’s enterprise-quality videoconferencing system, Veterans can now connect face-to-face with their families and providers. 

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Outpatient clinics

GetWell Practice™ helps improve the Veteran experience and overall satisfaction with technology that allows for quick and efficient onboarding and digital check-in.

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Home sweet home

Our mobile solutions help Veterans establish a healthy balance with tools for better care access, care management, and clinician-patient communication.

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Digital health tools that put the patient first

An informed, involved patient is a happier and healthier patient. Research shows that engaging and encouraging patients to take an active role in their care can lead to better patient experiences, quality/safety, and financial outcomes.

GetWellNetwork’s collaboration with its government clients has demonstrated this point with high system utilization and impressive outcomes.


Value of digital patient engagement

It has been our honor and our privilege to work in collaboration with the staff at the VA to help engage, educate, and empower Veterans in their care. Learn more about recent efforts.

Using Digital Health Technology to Optimize Resident Engagement

The 2020s may turn out to be the decade when digital technology reshapes healthcare, as an aging population and public health crises continue to challenge the country’s healthcare systems. The goal of adding patient engagement and education is to activate and transition those who may be passive listeners into active learners who will be willing and able to participate in their care.

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Keeping Our Veterans Connected and Engaged During the Pandemic

When COVID-19 hit a Southern VA Medical Center back in March, the facility was forced to suspend relatives’ visits to the Community Living Center (CLC), the suspension took a gigantic toll on the morale and spirits of the CLC population. The situation propelled the GetWellNetwork team to speed up efforts to provide an avenue for Veterans to keep in contact with their loved ones.

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Using GetWellNetwork in Hospice and Palliative Care

In 2019, GetWellNetwork developed a hospice and palliative care promotional space, with an initial launch at a Mid-Atlantic VA Medical Center. This particular space was built to address several unique needs of an inpatient hospice unit, and currently serves as a framework for other VA medical centers.

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Behind the Scenes of a Video Utilization Initiative in Inpatient Units

In its quest to better serve Veterans, one Mid-Atlantic VA Medical Center partnered with GetWellNetwork to launch a video utilization initiative across its acute inpatient units. The technology used, GetWell Inpatient, is a dynamic solution, and a key component of this initiative was for each acute inpatient Veteran to view prescriptive health education in addition to automated safety education.

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Our cross-continuum platform


Personalized experiences that empower patients and enable top-of-license care

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Give your clinicians a running start to provide the best care for each patient

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Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with digital care management

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Digital onboarding that maximizes practice efficiency and patient satisfaction

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