Put patients at the center of their care experience.

Customize over 300 clinically-proven virtual care plans to simplify complex care navigation.

Proactive AI-powered care navigation

Deliver personalized
care experiences

Engage patients and meet modern consumer expectations with a mobile-first experience, available in multiple languages with no app download required.

Scale value-based care

Reduce inbox notifications, streamline care team collaboration, and triage patients to scale high quality clinical care without additional staffing.

Boost care plan adherence

Foster deeper patient connections with digital discharge management, remote patient monitoring, and adherence tracking.

Proven Outcome Improvement at Leading Health Systems with
Get Well Guided Care

When I think about all of the amazing things that [Get Well] has provided us with, the first thing that comes to mind is having that connection with the patient. Knowing we have a digital platform to connect and educate our patients is a nice safety net that helps hold both patients and ourselves accountable to provide the best possible care to our patients.

St. Tammany care team member