Digital patient engagement solutions for health systems and hospitals

Get Well enables leading healthcare provider organizations to foster deeper connections with patients and communities across the continuum of care.

Veterans Affairs
Adventist Health
Lifebridge Health
Kaiser Permanente
OSF Healthcare
BayCare Medical Group
Carilion Clinic
Premier Health

Customize campaigns based on the unique needs of your care team and patient population to scale value-based care initiatives.


Adventist Health Generates $89M in Net Patient Revenue with Get Well

Replace ineffective cold calling with automated messaging to expand patient outreach efficiently. Streamline and enhance clinical workflows with Get Well rounding.


Increase in staff efficiency with Get Well Rounding

A personalized, digital point of care patient experience drives higher HCAHPS scores, encourages positive online reviews, and fosters long-term patient loyalty.


Of patients who use Get Well are “extremely likely to
recommend” their provider

Digital point of care solutions streamline hospital staff and care team workflows to ensure best-in-class safety precautions and reduce complications and readmissions.


Relative reduction in hospital readmissions

Eliminate non-clinical tasks with best-in-class digital solutions to help your care team operate at top of license – boosting efficiency and improving retention rate.


Reduction in complications with Get Well Guided Care

Get Well seamlessly integrates with
your EHR and existing workflows


  • Fully-integrated clinical documentation
  • Bi-directional data exchange
  • First-screen EHR access (SMART/SSO)
  • Leverage your existing clinical inbox to receive alerts and follow patient events directly into EHR-based workflows
Oracle Cerner
Greenway Health


  • Integrated with patient portal
  • Activity data flows into EHR
  • AI-enabled health nudges
  • Get well embedded experiences actively engage patients back into your digital front door

  Get Well 360: Our enterprise digital engagement platform

Get Well 360 empowers healthcare organizations to deliver the digital experience that consumers
expect across every step of the healthcare journey in the community, at the point of care, and beyond.

We have a well documented track record of success in delivering consumer-centered experiences that drive results.

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Case Study: Engaging patients to activate the retail pharmacy experience

How a non-profit hospital in the Midwest used the Get Well retail pharmacy plan to deliver a best-in-class patient ecosystem. View the case study below.

Get Well Renews and Expands 75 Partnerships in 2023

Get Well renews and expands 75 partnerships in 2023, half of which are Epic®-enabled clients.

How to Win Patient Loyalty in Today’s Digital World

Download our whitepaper now and discover how you can elevate the patient experience and thrive in today’s consumer-centric healthcare landscape.