Digital patient engagement solutions for hospitals and beyond

Elevating the patient and family experience from bedside through recovery

Industry-leading inpatient experience

For many healthcare organizations, care delivered in the hospital is still the seminal event to demonstrate quality, deliver excellent service and create patient loyalty. But how do you deliver a consistent and scalable experience and service that boosts staff efficiency, offloads tasks and more? Get Well’s digital engagement patient solutions for hospitals automatically deliver the right information at the right time to patients, empowering them to self-manage and equipping staff with the insights needed to deliver higher quality, more personalized care.

Extend the reach of care beyond the hospital walls

Get Well keeps patients engaged after they leave the hospital. No more ineffective robocalls; patients receive daily digital “check-ins” from the hospital or provider with empathetic guidance to help them speed recovery or manage their health.

By engaging patients across the entire continuum, healthcare organizations reduce readmission risk, create greater continuity of care and drive patient loyalty.

Delivering outcomes that matter

Patient experience

  • 92% of patients are “extremely likely to recommend” their provider; 66% of patients review providers online
  • 30% increase in positive responses to HCAHPS question on nurse leader visitation

Quality & safety

  • 54% reduction in complications
  • 45% reduction in readmissions, leading to $656 in savings per episode

Downstream revenue

  • $8.4M generated in retail pharmacy revenue

Operational efficiency

  • 20% increase in staff efficiency with GetWell Rounds+

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