Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccine Hesitancy: Understanding Fears and Addressing Barriers to Access

Digital patient engagement can help address vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccination rates in areas that are struggling the most.

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Distressed person sits in shadow next to a wheelchair.

Digital Health Technology Deployed for Veteran Suicide Prevention

A small change at the Central Virginia VA Health Care System made a huge impact on Veteran suicide prevention and education.

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Pregnant person looks at smartphone

Delivering on the Promise of Health Equity in Inequitable Times

CommonSpirit Health & GetWellNetwork’s Docent Health use digital health technology — along with the human element — to improve health equity.

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DAISY Honoree Spotlight

Recognizing a Compassionate Advocate for Patients

In January 2020, Christina Lane received The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. We interviewed her to learn more about her career.

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Clinical staff leads patient in exercise therapy

Delivering Digital Exercise Therapy for COVID-19 Patients

An all-hands approach that includes digital healthcare technology can help scale care — like exercise therapy — where it is needed most.

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Opioid abuse

Using Healthcare Technology to Address Opioid Abuse

Technology can play a role in combating opioid abuse, helping to scale the reach of care teams to track pills and patients alike.

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Healthcare staff work on digital healthcare technology

Is a Digital Rounding Solution Right for Your Organization?

Digital rounding solutions can help streamline staff processes while enabling quality improvement systemwide at a healthcare organization.

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Man and child sit on couch looking at tablets

Leveling the Playing Field: Using Technology to Drive Health Equity

Although assuring health equity is not a new concern for healthcare providers, sobering data on the COVID-19 pandemic, including infection, hospitalization, death, and now vaccination rates, has exposed health disparities and barriers to care in a way like never before. 

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Building a Smart Room: What Hospitals Should Consider

As the digital transformation of the healthcare industry shifts expectations for care delivery, collective interest in smart hospitals has also increased. The road from smart room ideation to that first successful patient discharge can be a long one, with many bumps along the way — but with the right preparation, you can smooth those bumps…

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