AWARE: A Technology-Driven Framework for Promoting a Safer Care Environment

Katherine Virkstis, ND, VP, Clinical Advisory Services The increase of violent incidents against healthcare workers, particularly nurses, has become a critical concern. Recent data from a 2023 survey by Premier, Inc. and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), paints a worrying picture: a staggering 40% of healthcare workers have encountered workplace violence in

Download IPC RFP Template from Get Well

Access our interactive patient care RFP if you’re looking to implement/upgrade your inpatient hospital solution. Addressing critical questions about interoperability, comprehensive solutions, and vendor credibility.

An End-of-Year Message from Get Well’s Founder & CEO

As 2023 comes to an end I find myself on an Amtrak train from Washington, DC to New York City, blessed with a few moments to reflect on this past year. Our industry continues to twist and turn, urging Get Well to be nimble and forward thinking as our client partners bounce to the dynamic

Individualized care given by DAISY Honorees

Guiding grief with compassion

In intensive care units, challenging cases and clinician dedication intertwine. You have to be an exceptional provider to work in these environments, and an even more remarkable individual to emerge as a beacon of hope for those in your care, especially when guiding grief. Such is the case for Julia Marchese, a young RN who

Reimagining patient engagement with OSF HealthCare

As patients increasingly seek personalized healthcare experiences and continuity of care, more healthcare organizations are embracing the consumer-first notion of healthcare delivery. For a whole host of business reasons — reclaimed revenue, increased efficiency and patient retention, and improved outcomes and health equity to name just a few — organizations are reimagining patient engagement, recognizing