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From the beginning, GetWellNetwork has brought together industry thought leaders, evidence-based research and proven technology to elevate patient engagement to new heights. We are committed to empowering health care stakeholders with the advanced tools and technology they need to deliver a better patient experience, improve satisfaction and enhance outcomes.

The O’Neil Center is the industry’s “think tank” for the advancement of patient and family engagement with a focus on translating patient engagement theory and research into more effective health care management. To achieve this goal, the center continues to grow the body of empirical evidence and drive global industry thought leadership and best practices.

Interactive Care Model

Transforming care with a focus on precision engagement

Our Interactive Care Model™ includes five key encounters: assessing a person’s capacity for engagement, exchanging information and communicating choices, planning, determining appropriate interventions, and evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions in managing a person’s health.


Comprehensive measure of a person’s capacity to engage

Building on our Interactive Care Model, O’Neil Center researchers developed the patent-pending GetWell Person Engagement Index™, a comprehensive measure of a person’s capacity to be engaged in their health care.

Incubator for disruptive technologies for patient and family engagement

GetWell Labs offers health care startups and entrepreneurs a uniquely immersive program of education, accelerated development and personalized mentorship. Through GetWellNetwork’s robust client community, partners can showcase their innovative solutions, gain valuable feedback and accelerate their go-to-market strategies. GetWell Labs’ partners can also access a comprehensive set of resources and knowledge, including:


Development, technical and education resources


Clinical expertise


Executive mentorship and fundraising consulting


Access to GetWellNetwork’s client community


Partnership agreement opportunities (pilots, licensing, OEM, distribution and more)


Inclusion in the GetConnected user conference “Demo Day”

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