Enterprise-grade digital rounding and surveying for modern healthcare systems

Why GetWell Rounds+

Today’s healthcare systems are facing unprecedented staffing challenges, including a workforce shortage that is expected to continue for years. And now these overwhelmed clinicians and exhausted staff members are tasked with gathering and taking action on more digital data than ever before. What if there’s a way to make data an asset to clinicians, rather than another burden?

Clinicians need real-time information to deliver the best patient care possible; leaders need intuitive analytic dashboards for managing operations; patients — and their families — need an effective way to make their voice heard.

Get Well Rounds+ makes your data relevant, meaningful, and actionable; it produces happier patients, empowered clinicians, and informed leaders. With one powerful and flexible tool, you can cover all of your current use cases and more. It’s the digital rounding and surveying tool you’ve been looking for.

Serving the health system with unmatched configurability and flexibility

Every Rounds+ client has complete access to the breadth of clinical and non-clinical survey use cases available within the tool, as well as to our expert-curated library of best-practice surveys and survey questions. Rounds+ supports Nurse Leader Rounding, Outpatient Clinic Rounding, Employee Rounding, Interdepartmental Rounding, Patient-Led Rounding, and Patient-Led Discharge for diverse scenarios. It supports CAUTI, CLASBI, and Hygiene Audits, as well as surveys and checklists ranging from HR New Employee to Fire Safety, EOC Surveillance, and DAISY Nominations.   

Our Get Well expert team trains your staff on how to leverage the power of Rounds+ and will facilitate sharing of best practices across clients for an array of use cases covering patients, families, staff engagement, quality and environmental surveys, and more. 

From what I have seen, the product is incredibly flexible. The product is very adaptable depending on the needs of a specific unit. The product absolutely targets what it is intended to do, which is to surface concerns and allow an organization to address them.

Health Care CIO, August 2022

Maximizing reach and engagement with patients and their families

Your digital rounding solution should be more than a simple survey tool. Get Well Rounds+ is continually evolving to add new capabilities.

In-person rounding? Check. Survey questions sent by email or by text? Check. Email and text responses that automatically populate surveys? Again, check. Our digital capabilities drive increased patient satisfaction and deliver real-time feedback directly to clinicians.

We love the mobility and the synchronicity of the product in real time. The product is very easy to use. I don’t think there is a naysayer within our organization today.

Healthcare Executive/VP, March 2022

Real-time responses

Get Well Rounds+ is a high-performance real-time system that updates and generates alerts in real time.  Its intuitive dashboards are likewise refreshed in real time as new data arrives. 

Integration with GetWell Inpatient

Patients respond to questions via the consumer-friendly GetWell Inpatient interface, and these responses automatically populate Rounds+ surveys and can trigger actions. When these actions are completed, Rounds+ can notify GetWell Inpatient for an end-to-end service recovery solution that boosts patient experience.

Leading-edge technology

Our cloud servers deliver enterprise-grade security and performance with maximum availability. Our design is based on modern frameworks and leverages internal APIs to ensure rapid evolution and ease of integration.

GetWell Rounds+ is definitely part of our long-term plans. The product has a nice dashboard that shows us really transparent data about how each unit is doing with the rounding questions. I really have nothing but great things to say about GetWell Rounds+, and I highly recommend it.

Healthcare Executive/VP, October 2022

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