Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with our digital care management software

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Why GetWell Loop

Imagine the impact if you had the time to call every patient every day to let them know what to expect, know and do. Care teams would have real-time visibility into risk status and patients would have a superior outcome and experience.

With GetWell Loop, care teams can engage all patients across their care journey through automated virtual check-ins. By sending the right information at the right time, our digital care management software identifies patients in real time who need help. Care teams are able to reach more patients and proactively intervene before costs and complications escalate, and patients feel like their care team is with them every step of the way.

Focus care teams on the right patient at the right time
Automatically deliver daily touch points for each patient
Receive actionable data that provides a real-time window into the patient
Reach more patients without adding staff and allow teams to manage by exception
Increase revenue and reimbursement payments
Drive positive provider reviews and ratings

Our cross-continuum platform


Personalized experiences that empower patients and enable top-of-license care

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Give your clinicians a running start to provide the best care for each patient

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Maximize and scale the impact of your care teams with digital care management

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Digital onboarding that maximizes practice efficiency and patient satisfaction

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