White paper | Today’s health equity goal: Shifting from headlines to impact

The topic of health equity has been in the spotlight for years within the public health realm, but only since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country has the topic of health equity become so prominent in mainstream news. Although health inequities persist, digital health technology can help level the playing field.

Research brief: Understanding opioid utilization patterns across common procedures

Opioids are indicated for the treatment of moderate-to-severe pain and some chronic health conditions. To better understand opioid utilization, pain management, and excess medication disposal, 65 physicians across 12 practices participated in a study using GetWell Loop to connect with patients pre- and post-procedure.

On demand webinar: Embracing the healthcare consumer

Today’s consumers often have high expectations for the services they need. And every industry, from airlines to hotels to banks and more, is clamoring to meet those expectations. Healthcare is no exception.

White paper | How CIOs can lead strategic patient engagement

The role of the CIO is shifting quickly in healthcare. From increasing consumer demands for convenience to the advent of new digital technologies, the skill sets the CIO brings to the table have never been more critical.

White paper | Embracing the healthcare consumer: A new era of patient engagement

A new era of patient engagement Every industry — from airlines to hotels to banks and more — is working to meet today’s evolving consumer expectations. Healthcare is no exception. Patients are seeking greater control over their own care, asking for expanded transparency and driving the decision-making process. Yet many healthcare organizations aren’t prepared to

COVID-19 Recovery Support

COVID-19 Recovery Support Digital health technology to help educate, reassure, and encourage vaccine compliance Partners in care Get Well’s digital care tools support the national COVID-19 response effort, and are designed to help increase the efficiency of your vaccine distribution strategies. We know that the care team’s job is critical, today and every day. Don’t

COVID-19 Reemergence Effort

COVID-19Reemergence Effort Ongoing digital patient engagement for proactively reigniting and ramping up growth in a post-pandemic world Adjusting to the new normal Get Well’s suite of solutions can play a critical role in scaling information sharing, guiding patients and easing the burden for your care teams. In this unpredictable and volatile environment, continuous communication and