A mobile patient experience from pre-admission to post discharge

Learn how you can implement a digital healthcare strategy that places patients in control and drives meaningful improvements in patient engagement and outcomes.

The digital transformation of healthcare

Healthcare is experiencing a digital transformation. What was a burgeoning trend of telehealth mixed with consumer health apps and wearable technology is becoming the standard of care following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Shifting consumer behavior and a new care model that has evolved during the pandemic has made one thing clear: Today’s healthcare consumers are looking for a different kind of healthcare experience — one that engages them in familiar ways on familiar devices and gives them a sense of control over their healthcare.

Learn digital health basics

Gain insight into the digital healthcare transformation and understand the core components of a digital healthcare strategy.

Discover best practices

Take your organization to the next level with tested and proven patient engagement solutions.

Achieve successes

Improve the patient experience and take your organization to the next level of digital healthcare delivery.


  • Rapid adoption of virtual care solutions to replace in-person care added complexity and fragmentation to the patient experience
  • Increased consumerism is making it harder to keep patients within your system
  • Digital healthcare strategy calls for increased functionality but reduced complexity and lower costs


  • To address these challenges, healthcare organizations need a digital strategy that prioritizes patient engagement and embraces the digital healthcare transformation — a solution that meets patients where they are.

Learn how

  • Access to digital health tools through mobile experiences provides greater options for hospitals and patients
  • Allowing patients to access patient engagement solutions on their own devices is a win-win for staff and patients
  • Hospitals can leverage digital health technology to provide a more equitable healthcare experience to all patients.

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