The Digital Healthcare Transformation:

A Mobile Patient Experience from Pre-admission to Post Discharge

Learn how you can implement a digital healthcare strategy that places patients in control and drives meaningful improvements in patient engagement and outcomes.

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Healthcare is experiencing a digital transformation. What was a burgeoning trend of telehealth mixed with consumer health apps and wearable technology is becoming the standard of care following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Shifting consumer behavior and a new care model that has evolved during the pandemic has made one thing clear: Today’s healthcare consumers are looking for a different kind of healthcare experience — one that engages them in familiar ways on familiar devices and gives them a sense of control over their healthcare.

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  • Rapid adoption of virtual care solutions to replace in-person care added complexity and fragmentation to the patient experience
  • Increased consumerism is making it harder to keep patients within your system
  • Digital healthcare strategy calls for increased functionality but reduced complexity and lower costs





  • Access to digital health tools through mobile experiences provides greater options for hospitals and patients
  • Allowing patients to access patient engagement solutions on their own devices is a win-win for staff and patients
  • Hospitals can leverage digital health technology to provide a more equitable healthcare experience to all patients. 

Digital Transformation

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Mobile Experience

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In this three-part series, GetWellNetwork chief technology officer Robin Cavanaugh explores bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds in next-generation patient environments. Download Article

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