An End-of-Year Message from Get Well’s CEO

As we reflect on 2022, one word comes to mind. Impact. Impact isn’t always easy. Rarely is it a straight line and sometimes it can be a real challenge. But when you choose projects of purpose driven by people and partners of passion, the journey is always worth it. We learn, we grow and we win for patients and families. 

With the reimagining of our GetWell Inpatient solution, we have grown our team — including our clients and partners — in a really important way, wholly embracing today’s healthcare consumers and supporting our hardworking clinicians in the way they need to be supported. 

Our understanding of what is needed in a healthcare experience has evolved significantly in the past few decades. We know that a consumer-centric, mobile-first solution that empowers patients and supports clinicians is what is best for both. This work and impact has been hard-won, and I’m honored so many of you have chosen to grow along with us. 

This year also saw tremendous impact and growth in our efforts to fill important gaps in the services provided to our Veterans, and I’m thrilled to share that Get Well has received a FedRAMP in Process designation — with an Authority to Operate designation expected next year — that will enable us to better serve a greater number of our military heroes out in their communities. 

We also expanded important programs aimed at supporting mothers on Medicaid throughout their pregnancies and another aimed at youth mental health, arming young people with a digital toolbox to help navigate the intensity of their personal journeys.

In the midst of this progress, I’d be remiss to leave out the hard parts. The industry continues to face significant staffing, equity, and financial challenges. It’s not been an easy year, but it has been a year where each victory has felt personal and each setback an opportunity to challenge ourselves to better meet the needs of patients and clinicians. 

It’s also been a year where keeping our “why” at the forefront has been vital to our success. The why for us has always been — and will always be — the patients. We often share messages we receive from patients engaging with Get Well, and this one puts 2022 in perspective: “It’s easy to feel lost and struggle to get your question to the right person to be answered. I really appreciate that the [navigators] take responsibility and make sure you get the information you need.”

For me, that is it. Patient engagement, when done well, can be a win for all. In the new year, let’s flip the script and reposition patient engagement as a strategic imperative. Let’s prioritize digital intimacy and programs that matter and that work. Let’s solidify patient engagement as a win for health equity, clinical outcomes, and the bottom line. We have been at this impact game for awhile, yet we have only just begun.

Best is ahead,

Michael O’Neil

Founder and CEO