Closing Care Gaps and Collecting Health Equity Information: 3 Key Principles

Christian Bagge, VP Payer Strategy As consumers, we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we turn. From the radio to TV, billboards, breaks for commercials on your favorite streaming channels, and even our social media feeds, the fight for our attention is all-encompassing.  With so much noise, how do we decide what is worth paying attention

On-Demand Webinar: Unlocking Whole Health Patient Engagement using Get Well and Oracle Health

Watch this on-demand webinar for an overview of how healthcare providers utilize the patient engagement ecosystem partnership between Oracle Health and Get Well to improve the patient experience. With the new Get Well 360 platform, health systems can now leverage clinical information found within Oracle Health to deliver a fully unified experience that builds patient

At LifeBridge, Every Birthing Person Has a Bridge to Health 

Katherine Virkstis, ND, Vice President, Clinical Advisory Services During our Get Well Wednesday on February 7th, we spoke with Dr. Elizabeth Zadzielski, MD, OB/GYN Chair at Sinai Hospital, to discuss the maternal and infant health partnership between Sinai Hospital and Get Well. Sinai Hospital is the largest hospital within the LifeBridge Health System and the

Download IPC RFP Template from Get Well

Access our interactive patient care RFP if you’re looking to implement/upgrade your inpatient hospital solution. Addressing critical questions about interoperability, comprehensive solutions, and vendor credibility.

An End-of-Year Message from Get Well’s Founder & CEO

As 2023 comes to an end I find myself on an Amtrak train from Washington, DC to New York City, blessed with a few moments to reflect on this past year. Our industry continues to twist and turn, urging Get Well to be nimble and forward thinking as our client partners bounce to the dynamic

Harnessing data to drive improvement at VA facilities 

Our Federal Community of Practice is a recurring webinar series inviting federal healthcare facility stakeholders to hear informative case studies from industry leaders. These sessions highlight data-based insights, promote facility performance improvement, and foster ongoing collaboration between our suite of patient engagement tools and healthcare centers around the country. On Thursday, June 22, we were