To get started downloading and using the app on a smartphone or tablet, follow these steps:

Apple App Store

1. Search

Visit the device’s app store and search for ‘GetWell Anywhere.’

Google Play

Step 2

2. Download

Download the ‘GetWell Anywhere’ app onto the smart device.

Step 3

3. Select

Navigate to the ‘My Stay’ tab and select “Use TV Remote.”

Steps 4-5

4. Learn

On this pairing intro screen, read about the uses of the mobile remote.

Steps 4-5

5. Pair

Select “Pair with your TV now.”

Step 6

6. Locate

Select the “Menu” button on the pillow speaker to bring up on-screen controls on the television.

Step 7

7. Choose

On the TV, choose “Settings.”

Step 8

8. Select

On the TV, select “Mobile Remote.”

Step 9

9. View

This will generate a pairing code on the TV screen.

Step 10

10. Enter

Enter the pairing code displayed on the TV to your mobile device.

Step 11

11. Access

You will be put directly into the mobile remote.

Step 12

12. Navigate

You can now use the mobile remote to control the TV.