Get Well Insights

Critical intelligence for patient experience management and outcomes

Actionable data across the care continuum

When patients are empowered, results are measured in patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and organizational performance. Our patient experience management software, GetWell Insights empowers you to adapt plans of care and immediately address patient experience issues across the care continuum. Our turnkey delivery of tools, data and insights allows care teams to effectively manage hospital and unit level performance, measure patient engagement throughout their care journey and leverage real-time feedback to raise the bar on patient experience and outcomes.

Insights for GetWell Inpatient

In patient care, time is of the essence. Care teams gain critical insights from real-time reporting and dashboards as patients engage in Patient Pathways™, interact with educational content and prepare for discharge. By continuously tracking outcomes data, GetWell Inpatient™ helps staff address patient issues before patients leave the hospital while enabling hospital leadership to realize performance improvement against strategic goals.

Insights for GetWell Loop

Maximized performance requires real-time risk assessment to avoid an escalation of complications and costs. GetWell Loop’s remote guidance and monitoring tools cover your blind spots and enhance your clinical quality.

Insights for GetWell Rounds+

GetWell Rounds+™ delivers the immediate insights you need to measure — and improve — rounding performance. The solution offers complete flexibility, including reporting and trending by survey, unit or user for maximum compliance. It also provides reporting to monitor and manage escalations, as well as resolution times, and to track unresolved alerts to optimize service recovery.

The Get Well experience

At home successful recovery & procedure prep

At home

Procedure prep

  • 230+ personalized care plans
  • Virtual check-ins
  • Pre-admission optimization
  • Seamless surgical preparation
  • Two-way communication with care team
In the hospital admission and discharge

In the hospital

Admission and discharge

  • Guided education care plans
  • Real-time patient satisfaction feedback
  • Digital rounding
  • Automated service request triage
  • Videoconferencing
  • Patient meal ordering
  • Environmental controls
  • Entertainment
At home successful recovery & procedure prep

At home

Successful recovery

  • Remotely monitor patients/daily patient monitoring
  • Secure messaging
  • PROMs collection
  • Physician/facility reviews and rating
Virtual care intelligent patient activation

Virtual care

Intelligent patient activation

  • Drive new volume by re-engaging dormant populations
  • Activate vulnerable populations
  • Enroll, retain, and coordinate care for health plan members
  • Enhance patient profiles through every interaction