Leveraging our extensive clinical experience

Understand the issues you face and what needs to be done to solve them.

Clinical knowledge and processes are powerful tools

Get Well leverages extensive clinical experience to provide solutions that work. From creating solutions that integrate with existing clinical workflows to smoothing the adoption of new technology, we rely on clinical knowledge to stay one step ahead of where your team needs to be — and pass that knowledge back to you.

It’s more than just talk; we practice what we preach, with a clinical team on staff that curates research and best practices to ensure you’re in the know, no matter what.

Share evidence-based best practices and processes

As a leader in patient and family engagement for more than 20 years, we strive to develop resources that capture the latest industry best practices and share them with your staff. Get Well works with some of the most progressive hospital networks and care facilities on topics such as:

  • The opioid crisis
  • Health equity
  • Empowering and engaging family caregivers
  • Purposeful rounding

From field guides with curated research to online communities and webinars, we bring our clients insights and best practices from the industry and community.

Partnering with Get Well means leveraging decades of knowledge and putting it to use in service of your patients and staff.

Integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow

Why reinvent the wheel? Get Well’s clinical consultants configure your technology to automate and enhance existing workflows while creating efficiencies for staff.

We’ve designed automated action plans based on evidence-based practice and processes. With Get Well’s training and technology best practices, your clinicians can leverage technology that is effectively integrated into existing processes and helps drive change management within each organization.

Assist with the entire change management process

Change is hard. In order to gain, reinforce, and sustain adoption, it’s critical that clinical leaders understand how the technology is designed, best practices for adoption, and the value that it can bring to them and their staff.

Get Well partners with organizations to implement change management best practices, ensuring not only a successful roll-out, but also sustained success.

Our goal is for our solutions to deliver maximum value and long-term adoption. And we’ll work alongside you as a partner at every step to make sure that happens.

We provide guidance and best practices for gaining clinician buy-in, establishing a framework for progress tracking and accountability. That way, our solution is not only accepted but rolled out effectively and primed to sustain success for the future.