Committed to Veterans: Get Well Government Services Year in Review

Get Well’s digital patient engagement solution empowers the VA to easily shift from “sick care” to “whole health” by modernizing medicine with personalized, proactive, and patient-driven care. Working together, as we continue to navigate a global pandemic, our shared goal is to continue to engage and inspire Veterans to their highest possible level of health and well-being. Get Well is committed to Veterans and providing them the care they deserve.

Get Well promotes Veteran engagement in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Assignment and auto documentation of health education delivered to the bedside television through bi-directional interfaces with CPRS/VISTA
  • Enhanced entertainment options such as TV, movies, games, and internet
  • Collection of real-time Veteran satisfaction data to allow immediate service recovery before the Veteran is discharged
  • Automated clinical education workflows and service recovery pathways that improve workflow efficiency, freeing up clinicians to provide top-of-license care

Get Well’s technology workflow enables safety throughout the Veteran’s hospitalization and the transition to the next level of care following VHA’s High Reliability Organization model. Our Value Realization Plans demonstrate our mutual commitment for success. Throughout 2021, we focused on leveraging digital health to improve some specific areas. In particular, we focused on Veteran satisfaction — measured through Composite Survey of Hospital Experience of Patients (SHEP) focus areas — as quality and safety, measured through Strategic Analytics for Improvement and Learning (SAIL) measures focus areas including infection prevention, falls reduction, readmissions, and reducing length of stay.

Ensuring successful Veteran care

Creating a culture where patient engagement is viewed as a core strategy for performance improvement is key to the success of providing high-quality care to veterans. Get Well does this by:

  • Establishing organizational structures with executive leadership representation that support patient engagement
  • Ensuring multidisciplinary leadership involvement 
  • Developing accountability structures for managers
  • Committing to regularly scheduled business reviews
  • Enabling bidirectional communication focusing on utilization and outcomes, adjusting targets as needed

How Get Well has impacted quality and satisfaction

The bottom line

2021 was a challenging year for healthcare systems across the country. Get Well is committed to our partnership with the Veterans Health Administration and is excited that we are pursuing FedRamp certification, allowing us to offer the first ever cross-continuum digital health solution — Get Well Anywhere — that will engage Veterans outside the walls of the hospital.  A more engaged and educated Veteran will result in improved clinical outcomes.

About the Author

Karl A. Morneau, VP, Value Management Lead, serves as the leader of GetWellNetwork’s government service strategy across the country, applying patient engagement technology solutions in the delivery of family-centered care to improve clinical and patient outcomes. Previously, he served as the Director of Client Service overseeing operations and professional services in the Veterans Health Agency and Defense Health Agency Healthcare organizations for more than six years. Karl retired from the United States Army in 2012 after 21 years of service.