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Partnering to Improve COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach

The COVID-19 pandemic pulled the curtain back on health disparities. Something once discussed chiefly among policy experts and health communicators was suddenly splashed across news headlines and debated around the dinner table. COVID-19 brought to the forefront glaring inequities between and among various groups of people. Early on, we learned that race and ethnicity were

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Patient Engagement as a Strategic Priority: How to Get There. And Why You Should.

Ask anyone in healthcare if providing a good experience for patients or if having patients who are engaged in their care is a good thing, you will of course get a resounding “yes.” Finding enthusiastic support for improving the patient experience is not a problem. The challenge is that for years — and especially as

SMART Apps and Digital Health Interoperability in Healthcare

It’s a challenging time in healthcare right now. The past few years have certainly taken their toll. There’s an unprecedented workforce shortage, and relief in the form of additional staff is not likely to come anytime soon. Technology like SMART apps allows you to do both — relieving some of the burden from clinicians and

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Igniting a Positive Human Experience in Healthcare

By Katherine Virkstis, Vice President, Clinical Advisory Services Nurses and patient care teams need the space and time to do their work with intention and presence. When care teams are present, they are better able to listen fully and completely, build trust, and promote healing. And when caregivers can foster this type of environment, it

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Workplace Violence in Healthcare: Digital Technology Can Help

Hospitals are places people go to with the hopes of getting better, of recovering from injury or illness. And it is the hospital staff — nurses and other members of the care team — who steadfastly work to provide a safe and healing environment for patients. Unfortunately, the hospital is not always a safe place.

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An End-of-Year Message from Get Well’s CEO

As we reflect on 2022, one word comes to mind. Impact. Impact isn’t always easy. Rarely is it a straight line and sometimes it can be a real challenge. But when you choose projects of purpose driven by people and partners of passion, the journey is always worth it. We learn, we grow and we

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Nursing Excellence: Recognizing Compassionate Care Delivery

Transitioning a loved one to hospice care is one of the most emotionally charged scenarios in a healthcare setting. It’s often a gut-wrenching decision, and patients need caregivers who are both clinically competent and filled with compassion and understanding during such a challenging time. For one family at Banner Heart Hospital in Mesa, AZ, Annie

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Healthcare Predictions: 5 Trends that Will Shape 2023

Sometimes, sharing healthcare predictions can feel a bit like a song on repeat. We are still recovering from — and in many instances dealing with — the COVID-19 pandemic. The staffing shortage that was bad before is now at a critical point, which is only causing more staff to leave the field. And issues of