Veteran using health IT

Improving Outcomes for Veterans and their Clinicians Nationwide

Patient satisfaction, workflow efficiency, and quality and safety are three areas in which any healthcare organization should invest. A northwestern U.S. VA Healthcare system, has certainly done that, integrating people process and technology to meet safety requirements and reduce rates of hospital-acquired infections and improving outcomes for Veterans. Earlier this month, a clinical nurse leader

Individualized care given by DAISY Honorees

Finding Strength in Our Own Stories: Advocating for Patient Safety

People often receive care at the hospital during the worst time of their lives. They may be in pain, fearing what’s ahead, and seeking comfort and understanding from medical professionals, who serve as a beacon of light, a source of information and stability in rocky times.  That was the case for one patient in particular

JONA: To End Workplace Violence, Integrate High-Tech With High-Touch

Get Well’s Katherine Virkstis, VP of Clinical Advisory Services, LouAnn Bala’ MSN, RN, VP of Clinical Content and Programs, and Jennifer Taylor MSN, RN, Senior Clinical Consultant, discuss how healthcare organizations can address workplace violence in healthcare through a comprehensive approach that integrates high-tech with high-touch strategies. Read the full article on JONA.

Women in healthcare have a lot on their plate

Women in Healthcare: Easing the Burden

Technological solutions can help lift routine burdens, enabling women in healthcare to spend more time focusing on care work.

Partnering to Improve COVID-19 Vaccine Outreach

The COVID-19 pandemic pulled the curtain back on health disparities. Something once discussed chiefly among policy experts and health communicators was suddenly splashed across news headlines and debated around the dinner table. COVID-19 brought to the forefront glaring inequities between and among various groups of people. Early on, we learned that race and ethnicity were

Healthcare consumers using technology

Healthcare Consumer Behavior — Is Everything Old New Again? Not Quite.

Here we sit, at the beginning of 2023, and in so many ways consumer behavior looks much the way it did in 2020. It’s been a rollercoaster three years, and by many accounts, the wants and needs of consumers are emerging from a COVID-19 stalled stupor and returning to pre-pandemic levels. But healthcare consumer behavior

Health Accelerated: Keeping an Eye on Mom

In this podcast from OSF HealthCare, Kate Johnson, Supervisor of Clinical Digital Care and Kara Roat, Digital Patient Care Manager discuss how they are using remote patient monitoring, including GetWell Loop, to improve maternal healthcare. Listen to the full podcast here.