Infographic: SDOH Collection Readiness

Chelsea King Arthur, DrPH, VP, Ambulatory Products & Analytics This year, provider organizations are required to collect data on the social needs of all admitted patients.  While 2023 was the trial run for most organizations, 2024 isn’t proving to be much better, as teams battle internally to determine how and what should be the standardized

Closing Care Gaps and Collecting Health Equity Information: 3 Key Principles

Christian Bagge, VP Payer Strategy As consumers, we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we turn. From the radio to TV, billboards, breaks for commercials on your favorite streaming channels, and even our social media feeds, the fight for our attention is all-encompassing.  With so much noise, how do we decide what is worth paying attention

Addressing the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Kailin Hsu, MD, Director of Product Solutions and Clinical Programs Pediatric leaders are currently facing a unique set of challenges, including the youth mental health crisis, “tripledemic”, and workforce burnout to name a few. In an effort to facilitate best practice sharing, my colleague, Katherine Virkstis, ND, VP, Clinical Advisory Services, and I have launched

Black doctor going over instructions with a black female patient

Minority Health Month: What Social Determinants Tell Us About Health Equity

Chelsea King Arthur, Vice President, Population & Digital Health Solutions, and Maria Reese, Senior Director, Health Equity and Community Service Programs explore the importance of social determinants of health during Minority Health Month. April is Minority Health Month, and this year’s focus is on providing racial and ethnic minority and AI/AN communities with “culturally and

Health Literacy: Patients Who Understand Content, Use Content

October is Health Literacy Month — a month-long recognition where hospitals, health centers, literacy programs, libraries, social service agencies, businesses, professional associations, govern­ment agencies, consumer alliances, and many other groups “work collaboratively to integrate and expand the mission of health literacy.” Helen Obsorne, president of  Health Literacy Consulting and host of the podcast Health Literacy

sick male using cell phone

On-demand webinar: Introduction to Get Well’s monkeypox symptom monitoring tool

For hospitals and health systems looking to manage patients or employees who have been diagnosed or exposed to monkeypox and prevent the spread of disease, our digital care management solution, GetWell Loop, can help. Get Well’s monkeypox symptom monitoring tool enables hospitals to track active and suspected exposures to the virus, while identifying readiness to

White paper | Today’s health equity goal: Shifting from headlines to impact

The topic of health equity has been in the spotlight for years within the public health realm, but only since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country has the topic of health equity become so prominent in mainstream news. Although health inequities persist, digital health technology can help level the playing field.