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Digital health technology to help educate, reassure, and encourage vaccine compliance

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GetWellNetwork’s digital care tools support the national COVID-19 response effort, and are designed to help increase the efficiency of your vaccine distribution strategies.

We know that the care team’s job is critical, today and every day. Don’t go it alone — digital care tools like GetWell Loop support care teams every step of the way, scaling triage and education efforts, lowering patient anxiety, and reducing unnecessary calls and visits.

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The Role of Digital Health Technology in Vaccine Distribution

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GetWellNetwork Releases Digital Care Plans to Support National COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

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Leveling the Playing Field: Using Technology to Drive Health Equity

COVID-19 vaccine support

GetWell Loop COVID-19 vaccine care plans are designed to support efficient COVID-19 distribution strategies for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.


Reduce anxiety and build confidence in the vaccines by providing vaccine safety information from trusted resources
Educate patients on multi-dose requirements and encourage appointment compliance to ensure efficient use of vaccine and care team resources
Create awareness about anticipated side effects to reduce unnecessary calls to care teams
Gain insights into side effect prevalence and the impact on patients and care teams
Encourage social distancing, handwashing, and infection prevention
GetWell Loop Vaccine Loop Interface

Support the COVID-19 vaccination effort with proven digital care plans

Providers across the country are preparing for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations. A successful vaccination rollout will include effective education, remote monitoring for side effects, and reminders ensuring patients and staff return for the second dose of the vaccine.

In support of efficient distribution strategies, GetWellNetwork has released digital care plans deployed through the GetWell Loop solution specifically designed to support distribution, education, and guidance for authorized multi-dose vaccines.

We've got you covered. Learn how GetWell Loop can help.

"I felt so supported, even though I didn’t step one foot in a building. Your response time with a live person calling me was incredible. I usually got a call back in less than 5 minutes from posting a question. Outstanding.”

“It was great! Questions were answered quickly!! The reminders were helpful. I felt it was personal and I appreciated having a direct link to medical professionals.”

"This was SUCH a helpful resource and lifeline for this time of COVID-19. It helped reduce my anxiety significantly to know someone was monitoring my symptoms from afar and was willing to answer my questions. Thank you!"


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