To get started downloading and using the app on a smartphone or tablet, follow these steps:

Apple App Store

1. Search

Visit the device’s app store and search for ‘GetWell Anywhere.’

Google Play

Step 2

2. Download

Download the ‘GetWell Anywhere’ app onto the smart device.

Step 3

3. Allow

Open the app and be sure to allow notifications to ensure important information is not missed.

Step 4

4. Log In

Log in using your first name, last name, date of birth, and a two-factor authentication code sent directly by text, call, or email.

Step 5

5. Pair

Once signed in, your device will automatically pair to the TV.

Step 6

6. Navigate

Click on the “TV Remote” icon in the upper right corner of the homepage to control the TV.

NOTE: It is essential that patients enter their information into the app exactly as the hospital has it recorded through registration. For example, if patient Mr. Smith uses the name Tim Smith in his daily activities but his legal name and the way the hospital has it captured are ‘Timothy Smith,’ then Timothy should be entered in the ‘First Name’ field.