NEWS RELEASE: Veterans Integrated Service Network 21 Partners with GetWellNetwork to Improve Patient Experience

VA Sierra Pacific Network to Implement Patient Engagement Software Solution across 6 Healthcare Systems

Bethesda, MD ( September 8, 2021) — GetWellNetwork announced today that it has partnered with VA Sierra Pacific Network, also known as VISN 21, to implement its GetWellNetwork solutions across six VISN 21 healthcare facilities.

The partnership will build on VISN 21’s commitment to ensuring that Veterans have full access to the highest quality of care and that patients and staff alike have high levels of satisfaction. GetWellNetwork empowers patients to be active participants in their care and equip staff with the insights needed to deliver excellent service and higher quality care.

Ensuring Veterans receive the best possible care is even more critical as the suicide rate among active-duty troops and military Veterans is outpacing the rate among the general population.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also exacerbated mental health struggles among all populations, with 80% of adults now claiming to be living with an anxiety disorder following. Within the military, the numbers are similarly striking. Research suggests that 1 in 4 active duty military members and 1 in 5 Veterans show signs of mental health conditions.

GetWellNetwork’s solutions will help connect Veterans to the right support and resources, delivering more equitable, timely, and affordable care, while empowering Veterans to take the important first step in managing their own care — including mental healthcare.

“Our network has embraced digital health as a key strategy to help us engage with Veterans and continuously improve their care,” said Ada Clark, Deputy Network Director for VISN 21. “We look forward to engaging with our Veterans through this digital health platform.”

As part of the five-year partnership, GetWellNetwork’s solutions will be implemented in the following VISN 21 healthcare systems: VA Palo Alto HCS, including Palo Alto VAMC and the Menlo Park and Livermore CLC facilities; VA San Francisco; VA Sierra Nevada and VA Southern Nevada. GetWellNetwork has an existing partnership with Northern California VAHCS, which started in 2019.

VISN 21 focuses on providing Veterans timely access to quality care and includes virtual modalities, rural health outreach, non-VA care contracts, and collaborations with community and federal partners. Collaborating with GetWellNetwork enables VISN 21 to more effectively engage, educate, and empower Veterans in their care.

“GetWellNetwork is excited about the opportunity to expand our partnership with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) through this engagement with the Sierra Pacific Network and the veterans it serves,” said Nikia Bergan, President at GetWellNetwork. “Its commitment to engaging Veterans in their care through people, technology, and innovation is energizing, and we are anxious to share extensive best practices our VHA clients and the GetWellNetwork team have developed over the past 12 years of our work together.”

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VA Sierra Pacific Network
The VA Sierra Pacific Network is one of 21 integrated health care networks in the Veterans Health Administration. Also known as Veterans Integrated Service Network 21 (VISN 21), our Network comprises seven major healthcare systems based in Honolulu, HI; Palo Alto, CA; San Francisco, CA; Sacramento, CA; Fresno, CA; Reno, NV, and Las Vegas, NV.