Welcome to the New Get Well

Since GetWellNetwork’s founding more than 20 years ago, we’ve been guided by a mission to improve the healthcare experience by helping people take a more active role in their health journey.

As we’ve worked to make whole-person care a reality — taking into consideration a person’s emotional, social, mental, and behavioral needs along with their clinical needs — our goal has remained the same: Healthier patients. Better outcomes. More involved families and caretakers.

Healthcare is evolving. As the industry shifts from a transactional approach to care to one that is relational and with a holistic view of the patient, we must shift along with it.

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the next chapter of GetWellNetwork. Our mission is in our new name: Get Well. It’s a proposal and a promise, and one that we don’t make lightly.

In addition to our new name, you’ll notice a new look and feel on our website and social media accounts. All of this is an indicator of our true North, where we’ll continue to head:

We’re centering people in their own care. We firmly believe that a person-centric approach is the only way to ensure the highest quality care is delivered to all patients. The right digital health technology allows committed organizations to employ innovation in an intentional way — one that benefits and recognizes the humanity of every person.

We’re recognizing the cohesive nature of care. We acknowledge the communities of care that surround each and every one of your patients, from families to caretakers to healthcare providers and staff.

We’re providing a holistic approach. By bringing all care touchpoints together, we’re helping to make the often disjointed healthcare journey into one that is personalized to a patient’s unique experiences.

I’m thrilled to finally unveil our new name, look, and feel. Whether 20 years from founding or 40, Get Well is going to keep looking forward. It’s that simple. Our clients work diligently to put their patients first at every step of their care, and we’re committed to being there for every part of that journey.

Thank you for trusting us, and thank you for your commitment to helping people take an active role in their care.

Best is ahead,

Michael O’Neil
Founder and CEO