Thought Leadership Advisory Councils
Health system leaders defining the “how” of patient and family engagement

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The O’Neil Center has assembled prominent health care leaders into Clinical, Health Information Technology, and Finance and Operations Advisory Councils. These councils guide the Center’s work, develop methods that clearly define the “what’” and “how” of patient and family engagement across the care continuum, and assess the impact and validity of various activation strategies and practices.


Clinical Advisory Council


The Clinical Advisory Council is comprised of clinicians, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, nurse researchers and academics from the nation's leading health care organizations and universities. The Advisory Council develops standards, models, tools and research needs around patient engagement.



Health Informatics Advisory Council

The Health Informatics Advisory Council assembles Chief Information Officers, Chief Nursing Information Officers and Chief Medical Information Officers to design HIT strategies and policy recommendations that advance health care provider efforts in patient and family engagement.

Finance and Operations Advisory Council


The Finance and Operations Council, comprised of COOs and CFOs, will establish an industry-recognized methodology to measure the value on investment (VOI) of a patient engagement strategy.