Patient Pathways
Proprietary workflows drive patient engagement across the care continuum

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Built on GetWellNetwork’s proprietary workflow engine, Patient Pathways™ guide patients through their care plan with interactive, step-by-step prompts.

In any setting, these personalized workflows proactively engage patients at the appropriate time to learn more about their condition or take action in the management of their health. As a result, patients become empowered to complete care plan interventions, leading to improved outcomes.

Heart Failure

Reduce Readmissions with Heart Failure Pathway

Preventing heart failure readmissions starts with teaching patients about their condition. Patients proceed with heart failure education at their own pace through the four phases of the Heart Failure Pathway. Each phase contains multiple steps to be completed throughout the day.



Medication Teaching

Increase HCAHPS with Medication Teaching Pathway

The Medication Teaching Pathway automates several steps to create a more efficient workflow. The GetWellNetwork system displays the patient’s medication(s) list with associated information on the bedside TV. Patients can access the educational content quickly, effortlessly and as often as they need.



Discahrge Planning

Reduce ALOS with Discharge Planning Solution

The GetWellNetwork Discharge Planning Solution expedites discharge and reduces average length of stay. It first sets patient and family expectations and then prompts them to prepare for discharge. Case managers and clinicians can track discharge readiness in real time.



Pain Management

Automate Reassessments with Pain Management Pathway

The Pain Management Pathway, recognized by the Joint Commission as a best practice for pain management, creates a more efficient workflow. The Pain Management Pathway automates several steps in the process to ensure that the patient’s pain is assessed and documented.



Pediatric Asthma

Decrease ED Visits with Pediatric Asthma Pathway

The GetWell Town Asthma Pathway is consists of four phases of patient education that leverages award winning asthma education videos from KidsHealth®. Each phase educates patients on key concepts that prepare patients for managing pediatric asthma.



Falls Prevention

Avoid Accidents with Falls Prevention Pathway

The GetWell Town Falls Prevention Pathway enables risk assessments to be performed at the point of care for improved efficiency and patient engagement. Patients and caregivers complete the risk assessment together while the GetWellNetwork system computes the score and documents back to the EMR.



More Patient Pathways

Patient Pathways streamline many common care tasks from simple tasks like patient surveys to complex, coordinated care plans that span multiple days. Listed below are some of the many workflow processes that Patient Pathways can help improve.


• Nurse Communication

• Physician Communication

• Staff Responsiveness

• Medication Teaching

• Hospital Environment

• Discharge Information

• Pain Management





Safety and Quality

• Fall Prevention

• Patient Education

• Influenza Vaccination

• Pneumonia Vaccination

• Pneumonia Antibiotic

• Smoking Cessation

• Hand Hygiene






• Countdown to Discharge

• Pain Management

• Bed Capacity Management

• Patient Throughput

• Mammography Services

• Pharmacy Cross Referral

• Gift Shop Retail