Interactive Patient Care
Engage patients to meet their individualized needs

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Interactive Patient Care (IPC) is an emerging, innovative care delivery model – based on the premise that a more engaged patient is a better patient with better outcomes. IPC is an approach in healthcare that emphasizes providing educational and entertainment resources to the patient at the bedside through the in-room TV. This approach is supported by interactive services that are designed to meet the patient's individualized needs and provide healthcare workers with tools that deliver patient education, pain management and medication teaching, among other health concerns. IPC can also integrate with traditional EMR and hospital IT systems such as Cerner, McKesson, and GE Healthcare, for example, but are more directly patient-centric applications, whose delivery at the point-of-care, helps hospitals meet service and quality requirements.

Creating a patient experience that leads to improved outcomes stems from engaging the patient throughout their care journey. Hospitals and caregivers are able to deliver more efficient and consistent education and care to their patients while improving operational efficiency.

Patient Engagement

There is a growing amount of data available demonstrating that when patients become active participants in their care, they are more inclined and motivated to assume responsibility for managing their own health. When that happens, the results are better outcomes for the patient, and lower costs, and better performance for the hospital.


Patient Journey

The patient’s journey begins before entering the hospital and extends beyond discharge. GetWellNetwork engages patients throughout their journey by providing an experience full of entertainment and award-winning education, which empowers patients to take an active role in their care.