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From 1,600 Surveys to 12,000+: How Six BayCare Facilities Accelerated Nurse Leader Rounding Compliance with Marbella

On Demand Webinar

Having real-time data that’s consistently captured and easily accessible is critical to optimizing the patient experience. St. Joseph’s Hospitals, part of the BayCare Health System, needed a flexible, versatile solution that could be adopted quickly across their six campus facilities.

Hear firsthand how BayCare implemented the Marbella rounding and surveying tool to enhance and standardize nursing practices. Specifically, you’ll learn how the St. Joseph’s campuses use Marbella to:

  • Capture real-time, actionable patient data
  • Track and improve compliance with clinical processes and leadership best practices
  • Increase their total number of use cases from five to 80, and total number of surveys completed from 1,600 to more than 12,000
  • Standardize the patient experience across all six facilities
  • Maintain and sustain results over time  

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