Advancing population health management by understanding each person’s capacity to engage


Meeting patients where they are

When patients participate in their care, they recover faster and experience better outcomes. Until now, clinicians and care managers lacked a reliable tool for obtaining consistent insight into factors influencing a patient’s capacity to engage. To fill the void, O’Neil Center researchers developed the patent-pending Person Engagement Index™ (GetWell PEI™)—a validated patient engagement survey tool for measuring a person’s readiness to become an active participant in their care.

Capturing the patient voice

GetWell PEI uses an 18-question survey to assess a person’s capacity to be engaged via four health care subscales. The composite total, combined with subscale scores and clinical assessment information, equips providers with actionable knowledge to better guide individualized care and optimize engagement strategies.
he four health care subscales:


Engagement in health care


Technology use in health care


Proactive approach to health care


Psychosocial support for health care

Far-reaching benefits

Patients & Families

Amplify the patient voice
Patients better communicate needs and preferences, become more informed participants in their health and receive care tailored to their needs and goals.

Clinicians & Population Health Executives

Target clinical outreach
Align interventions with patient engagement survey scores, prioritize outreach based on patient needs and foster a collaborative approach to care coordination.

Patient Experience & Marketing Leaders

Strengthen patient loyalty
Create personalized experiences, strengthen patient and family communication across the care continuum and raise overall perceptions of care.

Built to be together

GetWellNetwork solutions are built to complement each other and maximize outcomes


Entertainment and education tools that engage patients and empower providers


Digital patient rounding tool and surveys for any use case, in any setting


Research, innovation and thought leadership that elevates patient engagement

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