Case Study

Replacing clipboards with tablets: CareWell Urgent Care cuts registration time and optimizes staff time with digital check-in


Paper registration bogged down the check-in process. With a high number of walk-ins and first-time patients with no data on file, filling out lengthy registration forms slowed down the intake process. Their legacy approach hindered CareWell from delivering on their goal to provide quality care expeditiously.



Shortly after adopting a new EMR, CareWell set out to find a digital solution that could replace paper registration with a streamlined process for collecting and populating patient data directly into the new system.

Live in four days, GetWell Practice™ delivers online registration capabilities and patient engagement content via tablets and eliminates the need for physical paperwork and manual data entry. Seamless integration with their new EMR system enables automatic population of patient records, further improving data accuracy.

31 minutes

Cut from door-to-door time

8 minutes

knocked off average check-in time


time recovery frees staff to focus on operational excellence


Patient and staff time is optimized, records are free of data-entry errors and, most importantly, the patient experience is consistently positive as shown by a rise in patient satisfaction scores attributable to shorter wait time.



CareWell Urgent Care operates 17 centers throughout New England. Patient volume is often high, unpredictable and unscheduled. On any given day, they see between 30 to 80 patients of all ages.

Patients vote with their feet. [The digital intake solution] helps us fulfill our speed of service objective by streamlining patient registration. By removing the paperwork burden, our patients are assured the most timely access to care.”

Shaun Ginter, CEO, CareWell Urgent Care