Vidyo Selected by GetWellNetwork as Video Conferencing Platform for Patient Engagement and Quality of Care

Hackensack, N.J., and Bethesda, Md., February 3, 2015 – Vidyo, Inc., the video platform leader in health care, has been chosen by GetWellNetwork®, Inc., the leader in Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC) solutions, as the visual communications choice for its cross-continuum patient engagement platform. The VidyoWorksTM platform integrates directly into the care process, enabling providers to improve patient satisfaction, quality of care and productivity.

In any care setting, GetWellNetwork’s IPC platform educates and empowers patients to participate in and manage their health. Vidyo is used by 39 of the top 100 integrated delivery networks (IDNs) in the U.S., and the integration with GetWellNetwork will enable patients to consult with doctors, specialists and family members in hospitals, homes, or remote areas through video conferencing.

“Combining Vidyo technology with IPC not only meets a growing market demand but, more importantly, expands the possibilities for patient care and satisfaction,” said GetWellNetwork Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer David Bennett. “Now, patients and their families will truly be able to connect with their physicians and caregivers wherever they may be on their health journey.”

The GetWellNetwork solution, accessible through bedside monitors and mobile devices, tailors specific educational content, Interactive Patient Care Pathways™ and user experiences based upon the patient’s condition and needs. The solution, particularly when integrated with the VidyoWorks platform, can help providers improve Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers Systems (HCAHPS), prevent falls, decrease length of stay and reduce readmissions. Consultations performed using the integrated solution are also Medicare-reimbursable.

“The VidyoWorks platform with HIPAA-compliant encryption integrated into GetWellNetwork’s IPC platform allows clinicians, patients and family members to be in constant contact, expanding patient access across diverse care settings for better patient outcomes,” said Amnon Gavish, Vidyo’s SVP of Vertical Solutions. “We are seeing great demand for the integrated solution, which is being championed by physicians and Chief Nursing Officers not only for bedsides in the hospital, but also for bringing the same level of patient care into the home and creating a more personalized experience.”

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Vidyo, Inc. delivers amazing visual communications and price performance to power customer engagement in line with user expectations to deliver the “human interaction” in the “Internet of Things.”  The VidyoWorksTM platform and APIs leverage Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter™ to deliver scalable video conferencing, collaboration solutions and cloud-based services over public networks at a price comparable to audio conferencing. Vidyo has more than 75 patents issued and patents pending in more than 60 patent families in various jurisdictions around the world. Learn more at, on the blog or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.