Simplified Hospital Event Management Achieved via First-of-its-kind Integration Between Rauland Responder All Touch and Inpatient Solution

Information on patient requests and nursing alerts can now be shared across hospital systems with a new integration between Rauland Responder® All Touch® and GetWellNetwork®.

The integration allows patient feedback, service requests and interactions with GetWellNetwork’s inpatient solution to be sent automatically to attending clinicians over existing channels established by Responder. GetWellNetwork is the first Interactive Patient Care™ provider to be validated by Rauland for this integration.

This new event-sharing workflow builds on the interoperability of Rauland Responder in delivering workflow and process solutions across the hospital for critical health care communications. With this integration, the Responder All Touch application suite can help ensure clinicians are made aware of changes to a patient’s care experience as reported through GetWellNetwork’s inpatient solution.

Communications between GetWellNetwork and Responder are shared for interrelated alerts and status information without the need for middleware or workarounds that could introduce delay in communication between patients and healthcare professionals. For example, a patient reporting severe pain through GetWellNetwork can trigger an alert that is sent via Responder to attending clinicians for a fast response.

Patient Requests and Alerting

Responder can integrate all relevant events from GetWellNetwork, including those related to missed medication and education information. This event management integration preserves Responder’s patient-to-nurse communications via direct connection, and provides full detail in Responder’s reporting of patient calls including staff voice response and staff presence.

Through this integration with Responder, GetWellNetwork can leverage what Rauland does best – patient-related events and communications. Alerts generated through our patient engagement platform are sent through pre-existing hospital infrastructure, improving communication between patients and clinicians,” said Robin Cavanaugh, chief technology officer, GetWellNetwork. “The integration can improve the lives of patients and staff alike through simplified event management. In addition, by working through Responder, GetWellNetwork is able to focus more on what we do best, and that’s patient and family engagement.”

Responder All Touch

The Responder All Touch software suite encompasses direct integrations to support clinical workflows and communications, saving nursing time, keeping systems in sync, and reducing noise and alarm fatigues. The All Touch solutions suite now includes integrations for EMR documentation, wireless workflows, smart beds, bed management, IPTV and medical devices.