GetWellNetwork’s Precision Engagement Model Redefines the Patient Experience; Prescribes New Standard for Personalized Care

Complemented by industry’s first cross-continuum platform designed to engage patients and families according to their individual capacity to participate in their care

GetWellNetwork®, the health care technology company that pioneered Interactive Patient Care™, introduced today a model for enhanced patient and family engagement that mirrors the fundamentals of precision medicine. Supported by The Patient’s Platform™ — a cross-continuum suite of integrated solutions, tools and strategies — Precision Engagement™ delivers uniquely personalized care guided by a person’s ability to take an active role in their health journey.

“Simply put, Precision Engagement means connecting with patients at the right time, in the right place and with the right information based on their personal readiness to engage,” said GetWellNetwork founder and CEO Michael O’Neil in a recent blog post.

The Next Generation of Patient & Family Engagement

Influenced by the fundamentals of precision medicine, where personalized medical treatment is data-driven and guided by individual variables, Precision Engagement replaces the one-size-fits-all approach of the past with a new model that accounts for each person’s unique needs across care settings.

Engaged patients ask questions, consider options, share feedback and make treatment decisions together with their providers. Variables like cultural differences, communication styles, health literacy, tech savviness and psychosocial support all affect how information is internalized and acted upon. Precision Engagement suggests that by factoring these in, clinicians can tailor education and interventions to promote a more collaborative and participatory experience.

The far-reaching benefits of this approach include:

  • higher patient and family satisfaction
  • increased success rates
  • improved continuity in care and quality of life
  • lower friction for hospital and technical teams
  • better clinical and financial performance across the health organization

Guided by The Six Imperatives for Precision Engagement, GetWellNetwork is reinventing patient-centered care.

Delivering on the Promise of Population Health

The increasingly dynamic nature of the how and where care is delivered requires flexible solutions to meet modern engagement challenges. At the same time, ease of use and time-to-insight are critical to driving adoption and productivity.

Enter The Patient’s Platform™, a unified digital ecosystem of Engagement Solutions, Clinician Tools and Success Strategies that span the full spectrum of care: from outpatient to inpatient, physician practice or urgent care clinic to patients at home or on-the-go. The platform gives health care organizations a powerful toolkit for delivering Precision Engagement by personalizing the patient experience at every point along their health journey.

Backed by Science

One of the Clinician Tools, a groundbreaking instrument dubbed GetWell PEI™ (Person Engagement Index), is the first integrated tool that captures the voice of a patient. The resulting score of an 18-question assessment of key influential factors serves as a measurement of health care aptitude and provides unique insight into a person’s capacity to engage in their care.

When paired with clinical assessment information, the PEI score arms providers with actionable, evidence-based data to determine the precise right time, right place and right information to meet each person’s needs.

From Inspiration to Action: The Story Behind Precision Engagement

GetWellNetwork was started by a patient, for patients. Following aggressive surgery and chemotherapy treatments to treat non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 28, GetWellNetwork’s founder and CEO Michael O’Neil emerged healthy, humbled and inspired. Shelving his hard-earned law degree, he set out to tackle an unaddressed problem in health care: successfully engaging patients and families in the care process.

“I was determined to make the patient experience better for the next person up to bat to face a life-defining moment,” says O’Neil.

Two decades later, Michael’s vision of transforming the patient experience has given millions around the world a voice in their care — every person, every family, every time.

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